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Communication that Serves as a Record

Which communication serves as a Record?

Asked by: Abhishek Bande on Oct 20, 2018.

Next Term of GON, JRQ, MUT

What will be the next term of GON, JRQ, MUT?

Asked by: Krishan Kumar on Oct 20, 2018.

IBPS Po Mains 2018

Can I get the way of descriptive writing for IBPS Po mains 2018?

Asked by: Shian Shree on Oct 19, 2018.

Suggestion and Placement Papers for attending the Infosys Drive

I am going to attend the Infosys off-campus drive which is on 28th October 2018. I was preparing for walk-ins, I did not prepare for online assessment, kindly help me to prepare for this in the upcoming 10 days.

Asked by: Aishwarya Jena on Oct 19, 2018.

Determine the Remaining Length of Fabric in the Roll

A roll of shirt fabric consists of a cardboard roll surrounded by fabric. The weight of the full roll including both fabric and cardboard is 11.9kg. The weight of the cardboard alone is 1kg.The weight of the fabric is 165 grams per square meter. The width of the roll is 1.5m. Some shirts are made using the fabric from the roll and now the weight of the roll is 5.7kg.

Based on the above, what is the remaining length of fabric in the roll in meters?

Asked by: Shahadat on Oct 19, 2018.

Next Term of 12 ,12.5, 19.5, 36.5, 81.5

What will be the next term of 12 ,12.5, 19.5, 36.5, 81.5, ?

Asked by: Triveni on Oct 18, 2018.

Calculate the Profit iof Selling an Object

The profit when an object is sold at Rs 120 is 20 percent less than the profit when the object is sold at Rs 125 then find the selling price of that object at a loss of 5 percent.

Asked by: Ali on Oct 18, 2018.

Payment of Wage Act 1936

Under the payment of wage Act 1936 the employer has to make payment where 1000 or more employees are employed.

A) 7th of next month
B) 10th of next month
C) 5th of next month
D) 15th of next month

Asked by: Ravi on Oct 18, 2018.

Fill the Blanks. Compensation Period of an Employee

If an employee is dismissed from service he is eligible for compensation of ____ days.'

A) 30 days
B) 20 days
C) 15 days
D) 10 days

Asked by: Ravi on Oct 18, 2018.

Period for Dismissing the Employee

No employee in any establishment shall be dismissed without prior notice of;

A) 15 days
B) 20 days
C) 30 days
D) 60 days

Asked by: Ravi on Oct 18, 2018.

Choose the Correct Option Which Gives the Appropriate Feedback by the Head

The appropriate feedback is given by the head.

A) critics
B) order
C) critical decision
D) punishment

Asked by: Ravi on Oct 18, 2018.

Complete the Matrix Series 3,10 ?

2 7 23
5 9 11
4 11 45
3,10 ?

Asked by: Deepak Kumar on Oct 18, 2018.

GK Questions: Green Revolution

Answer to the GK questions.

1. What is the green revolution?
2. Name any 10 states which produce rice.
3. How many stars are there in the galaxy?

Asked by: Syed Sahal Saad on Oct 18, 2018.

Find the Number of Captains in the Group

A group of 1200 persons consisting of captains and soldiers is travelling in a train. For every 15 soldiers there is one captain. The number of captains in the group is??

Asked by: Der Herr Rettet on Oct 17, 2018.EDIT

Find the Next Number 12, 12, 18, 45,180, ?

12, 12, 18, 45,180, ? Find the next number.

Asked by: Vinay Pratap Singh on Oct 17, 2018.EDIT

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