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Find the Horizontal Distance Between Instrument Station and Base of Tower

Theodolite staff reading for upper, middle and lower crosshairs are 1.4, 0.9, 0.4 respectively if the height of Tower 100m find the horizontal distance between instrument station and base of Tower.

Asked by: Sanjay Nayak on Apr 22, 2017.

Find the Value of 6113 Where 2651 = 86

2651 = 86
3342 = 66
9017 = 98
Then, 6113 = ?

Asked by: Priya on Apr 22, 2017.  Answers (1)

Description of Meteorology

What is Meteorology?

Asked by: Rupinder on Apr 22, 2017.

Method to Calculate the Affinity/Similarity Matrix for an Image

How do I calculate the affinity/similarity matrix for an image?

Asked by: Edrees on Apr 22, 2017.

Choose the Old Name of Guwahati

What was the old name of Guwahati?

4.Parashuram kund

Asked by: Jay on Apr 22, 2017.  Answers (2)

Addressing the Person who Sleeps and Walks

What is the name of a person who sleeps and walks?

Asked by: Mark on Apr 22, 2017.  Answers (1)

SET Paper 1 Exam Question Paper

Can I get the SET Paper 1 Exam model questions?

Asked by: Kowsalya on Apr 21, 2017.

Find the Next Number of 25, 95, 125, 235, 255

What will be the next number of 25, 95, 125, 235, 255?

Asked by: Sandy on Apr 21, 2017.  Answers (1)

TNDTE C programming 22/04/2017 Question paper for ECE

Please provide me the TNDTE C programming 22/04/2017 Question paper for ECE.

Asked by: Pramodhbraj on Apr 21, 2017.

Requirements of Good Highway Engineering

What are the requirements of good highway engineering?

Asked by: Midhula on Apr 21, 2017.

Determine the Day Which is the First Day and Last Day of Any Century

Which day can be the first day and last day of any century?

(1) Monday
(2) Tuesday
(3) Friday
(4) Wednesday

Asked by: Vikrant on Apr 21, 2017.

Description of 5S and TPM Activities at Shop Floor

What is 5S and TPM activities at shop floor?

Asked by: Samdani on Apr 21, 2017.

Find the Total Number of 20p Coins

if a sum of Rs 80 is made up of 20p and 50p coins and number of coins are 340. Find the number of 20pcoins.

Asked by: Shalini on Apr 21, 2017.

Find the Number of Persons who Prefers Both Fish and Chicken

If 50 persons donot prefer fish and 60 prefer chicken 10 donot prefer either fish or chicken. Then find the number of persons who prefers both.

Asked by: Lakshay on Apr 21, 2017.

Find the Missing Number of 7, 10, 33, 130, ?, 2976

7, 10, 33, 130, ?, 2976 find the missing number of the series.

Asked by: Abhilasha on Apr 21, 2017.

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