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Determine the Nature of the Resistor in Series or Parallel

How to find whether a given resistor is in series or parallel? Please answer me.

Asked by: Bhavesh on Jun 20, 2018.EDIT

Calculate the Percentage of 180.50 is 36.1

What percentage of 180.50 is 36.1?

a) 20
b) 25
c) 20.50
d) 22.

Asked by: Keerthi on Jun 19, 2018.EDIT

Importance of Observation of Physical Inventory

Why is the observation of physical inventory a mandatory procedure?

Asked by: Adugnaw on Jun 19, 2018.EDIT

Number of Zeros at the End of the Product of 10*20*30*, ........500

How many zeros will be at the end of the product of 10*20*30*, ........500?

Asked by: Chandan Kumar Singh on Jun 19, 2018.EDIT

Tube which Joins the Throat to the Stomach

What is the name of the tube which joins the throat to the stomach?

Asked by: Adriana Scotland on Jun 18, 2018.EDIT

Missing Number 4, 17, 34, 53, 76, ?

Find the missing number of 4, 17, 34, 53, 76, ?

Asked by: Anil on Jun 18, 2018.EDIT

Skills required for Bcom

1. Skills required for Bcom?
2. How has BCom management done?

Asked by: Anushka Khandelwal on Jun 18, 2018.EDIT

Calculate the Ultimate Moment of Resistance

A R.C. beam of rectangular section 230mm wide and 400 mm deep is reinforced with 4 bars of 12mm diameter provided with an effective cover of 31mm. Calculate the ultimate moment of resistance of the section and the maximum uniformly distributed superimposed load this beam can carry it is simply supported over a span of 3.5 m The material used are concrete grade m20 and steel grade for 415.

Asked by: Sania on Jun 17, 2018.EDIT

Determine the Exact Speed of a Bike

A bike covers a distance of 20km in 30 mins & next 29km in 40 minutes. What is exact speed in an hour of the bike?

Asked by: Naresh on Jun 17, 2018.EDIT

Choose the One Which is Not a Gland

Which from the following is not a gland?

A. Stomach
B. Pancreas
C. Liver
D. Kidney

Asked by: Monty on Jun 16, 2018.EDIT

Calculate the Price of the Rice

If the price of rice was decreased by 21%, you can buy 10.5 kgs of rice more for 100 rupees. Then what is price of the rice after decreased in price?

Asked by: Thathayachari on Jun 16, 2018.EDIT

Complete the Series 750 ? 45 18 9 5.4

750 ? 45 18 9 5.4

Asked by: Rohit on Jun 16, 2018.EDIT

Complete the Series 6 17 46 ? 190 321 & 4 3 14 ? 142 309

Complete the following series.

a) 7 13 133 5040 ?
b) 6 17 46 ? 190 321
c) 4 3 14 ? 142 309

Asked by: Jai on Jun 16, 2018.EDIT

Calculate the percentage of the Amount Which is Paid by the Restaurant

A fast food restaurant pays 40 lakhs as royalty to the parent company, on the first rs8 crores of revenue per year. for revenues exceeding 8 crore ads loyalty of 400000 is paid for every 1 crore revenue in excess of 8 crores by how many percentages. Does the royalty paid (as a % of annual revenue) vary across two years when the restaurant's revenues were 15 crores and 20 crores?

Asked by: Sakshi Dogra on Jun 15, 2018.EDIT

Find the Value of 44*44


Asked by: Belarsan Behera on Jun 15, 2018.  Answers (2)EDIT

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