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Java Program To Print the Sequence

6 28 66 120 190 276 print the program in Java

Asked by: Saloninaikwadi on Jun 23, 2017.EDIT

State which Used Elephants in the War for the First Time

Name the state which used elephants in the war for the first time?

Asked by: Mithlesh Kumar on Jun 23, 2017.

Determine the Section Modulus

A rectangular bar of width b and height h is being used as a cantilever. The loading is in a plane parallel to the side b. The section modulus is what?

Asked by: Neelam Hareja on Jun 23, 2017.

Determine the Colour Bands of Landsat 8 are Equivalent to Landsat 1 Bands

Please tell me, which colour bands of Landsat 8 are equivalent to Landsat 1 bands?

Asked by: Chandan Mondal on Jun 22, 2017.

GD : Whether the world is going nowadays for De--globalisation or not?

Whether the world is going nowadays for De--globalisation or not?

Asked by: Yugal Kishor Meena on Jun 22, 2017.

Determine the Voltage in the Collector is Greater than Emitter

When collector junction and emitter junction is forward bias but the voltage in the collector is greater than emitter then it is?

Asked by: Santhosh Kumar on Jun 22, 2017.

Find the Word that is an Essential Part of KNOWLEDGE

Find the word that is an essential part of the given word:


Asked by: Ram on Jun 22, 2017.

Complete the Series 8 5 6 13 27

Complete the series 8 5 6 13 27.

Asked by: Swati Shinde on Jun 22, 2017.

Discuss the Relevance of the Three Ideologies, Liberalism, Conservatism in the current society

Ideologies have always interacted with the technological progress and concomitant changes of society which have competed to explain the development of our society and provide its future vision. Discuss the relevance of the three ideologies, liberalism, conservatism, and socialism in the current society which is characterised by fundamental technological innovations that many attempts to summarise under the concept 'the Fourth Industrial Revolution.'

Asked by: Liam Lee on Jun 22, 2017.

Find the Code Words Which are End in an Even Integer

A codeword is to consist of two distinct English alphabets followed by two distinct digits between 0 and 9. for example, CA 2 3 is a codeword. How many are such code words there which end in an even integer?

Asked by: Ashra Ritika on Jun 22, 2017.

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