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Find the Total Number of Boys in the Row

In a row of boys if A is tenth from the left and B is ninth from the right. If interchanging their position A becomes 15th from the left, then how many boys are there in a row?

Asked by: Swoyam on Jan 20, 2017.  Answers (2)

Find the Direction of the Speaker

If I went 15 m north and then turned south covers 5 m and then turned east and covers 10 m in which direction am I from my house?

Asked by: Sombir on Jan 20, 2017.

Find the Share of C Who Worked with A and B

The number of days in which A and B together can finish a piece of work is 12 days less than the time taken by A alone and 27 days less than the time taken by B alone to finish the work. If A and B completed the work in 15 days with the help of C and got a total compensation of Rs 3000 for the work, then what is the share of C?

Asked by: Sushant on Jan 20, 2017.

Number of Days Taken by B to do the Work Alone

A does 75% work in 50 days after which B joins and they both finish the rest of the work in 10 days. How many days will B take to do the work alone?

Asked by: Sasikala on Jan 20, 2017.  Answers (1)

Number of Ways to Arrange the 7 Boys and 5 Girls in a Row

In how many ways 7 boys and 5 girls arranged in a row that no girl stand near another?

Asked by: Sneha on Jan 20, 2017.

Find the Ratio of Ram, Sham and Seeta's Salary

Salaries of Ram, Sham and Seeta are in the ratio of 7 : 3 : 4 respectively. If their salaries were increased by 32%, 76%, 4% respectively. What will be the new respective ratio of their salaries?

Asked by: Nilesh Shelar on Jan 20, 2017.

Ratio of the Number of Doctors to Lawyers

The average age of doctors and lawyers is 40. If the doctor's average age is 35 and the lawyer's average age is 50, find the ratio of the number of doctors to lawyers?

Asked by: Shanthi on Jan 20, 2017.

Find the Total Number of Boys and Girls

The family next door has both girl and boy children. Each of the boys has the same number of brothers as he has sisters and each of the girls has twice as many brothers as she has sisters. How many boys and girls are there?

Asked by: Sharan on Jan 20, 2017.

Calculate the Number of Days Taken by B to Complete the Work Alone

If A and B can complete a work in 5 days working together, and A alone can finish it in 12 days. Then in how many days will B able to finish it?

Asked by: Vishal on Jan 20, 2017.

Find the Amount and the Compound Interest on Rs.2500

Find the amount and the compound interest on Rs.2500 for 2 years at 10% per annum, compound annually.

Asked by: Nicky on Jan 20, 2017.