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Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu 2017

Who is the chief minister of Tamil Nadu?

Asked by: E.Vairanila on Feb 12, 2017.  Answers (3)

Impact of Brexit on Indian Economy

How will Brexit impact the Indian economy?

Asked by: Parinita Acharya on Feb 10, 2017.

Updates of RBI and Limits for Withdrawing the Amount

Did anyone know the recent updates of RBI and the limits for withdrawing the amount?

Asked by: Priya on Feb 8, 2017.  Answers (1)

Discuss - Smart Laws or Smart Cities

Do we need smart cities or smart laws?

Asked by: Suraj Deshmukh on Feb 6, 2017.

Is Indian Govt can be Ruled by Politician or Godman

Is Indian government can be ruled by politician or godman?

Asked by: B Hari Chandana on Feb 5, 2017.

Discuss the Topic - People could help Govt Employees and Officials to Stay True to Their Responsibilities

What do you think, are the ways by of the people who could help government employees and officials to stay true to their responsibilities?

Asked by: Joyce Demonteverde on Feb 5, 2017.

Discuss the Current Topic - Media in Jallikattu

Anyone tell, some points about "Media in Jallikattu"!

Asked by: Samantha on Feb 3, 2017.

How Employers and Students can be Made Responsible for Increasing Productivity of Work Place by Govt

Suggest solutions, how employers and students can be made responsible for increasing productivity of labour or workforce by govt. I think there is both market failure and govt failure in skilling market in India? Then what is the way out? The economists say that in case of market failure, govts intervene. In India, govt intervention is hugely inefficient with corruption. Then what is the solution? Are there cases when govt's facilitate the development of skilling market?

Asked by: Sandhya Bhullar on Jan 29, 2017.

I Want to Write a Dissertation Proving that the Approach....

I want to write a dissertation proving that the approach, strategy and policy of spending huge budget on skilling of youth through government will convert the educated unemployed to skilled educated unemployed with Nsdc, mess by, ncvt certificates but no job. What is required is getting a law passed like other countries like China, Germany, others putting onus of responsibility of skulking on employer. Govt should give tax subsidy or other rebates on this to employers.Also having govt owned Pvt run job search services like UK. Also what is required is compulsory high-quality education till 10th or 12th. Very stiff competition to do higher education by closing non-performing higher education institutes.For huge illiterate informal labour, isdo you think RPL and literacy at workplace through partnership are the way out? How can employers be incentivised to have skilled informal labour?

Asked by: Sandhya Bhullar on Jan 29, 2017.

The current Economic Reality in India and Beyond

Do you think the current approach of government, both state and central in India thinking only about supply side economics of skilling youth and that too, only target based will not solve unemployment issue in India? This is not a demand based policy of employers and job seekers in India?

Asked by: Sandhya Bhullar on Jan 29, 2017.

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