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Name of the Youngest President in the World

Who is the youngest president in the world appointed recently?

Asked by: Shivaguru on May 23, 2017.

New Administrator of United Nations Development Programme

Who has been appointed as new administrator of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)?

Asked by: Chandru on May 17, 2017.EDIT

First Police Inspector of Meghalaya

Who was the first Meghalaya police inspector?

Asked by: Jeanu on Apr 1, 2017.

Present Prime Minister of United Kingdom

Who is the prime minister of United Kingdom?

Asked by: Amirafroz on Mar 30, 2017.

The Best Leader in the World

Who is the best leader in the world?

Asked by: Vishal on Mar 25, 2017.

Making of First Rubber Balloon

In which year Professor Michael Faraday made first rubber balloon?

Asked by: Lily on Mar 18, 2017.

The Smallest Island Nation

The smallest island which is independent?

Asked by: Krishan on Mar 13, 2017.

Only Fish that can See in the Ultraviolet Light

Which is the only fish that can see in ultraviolet light?

Asked by: Nasar Hussain on Mar 13, 2017.

First Iron Ore Mines in India

Which place is considered as first iron ore mines in India?

Asked by: Raman Parida on Mar 12, 2017.

World's Biggest Atomic Bomb

What is the world's Biggest atomic bomb?

Asked by: Ajad on Mar 9, 2017.

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