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Main Objectives of the Reserve Bank

What is the Main objectives of the Reserve Bank?

Asked by: Priya on Feb 23, 2018.

Establishment of World Bank

When and why the World Bank was formed?

Asked by: Priya on Feb 23, 2018.

Horse Name of Shivaji Maharaja

What is the name of Shivaji maharaja horse?

Asked by: Vijay Mankar on Feb 21, 2018.

Name of the Bank which has the Most of the Branches

Choose the name of the bank which has most of the branches?

A. Allahabad Bank
B. HDFC Bank
D. State Bank of India

Asked by: Priya on Feb 15, 2018.

Answer to the General Question : Who is called a man of blood and Iron?

1. Who is called a man of blood and Iron?
2. Who is called a man of destiny?
3. Who is called uncle ho?
4. Who is called wizard of the North?

Asked by: Durga Kumari Karki on Feb 12, 2018.

Part of Roads

What are the part of roads?

Asked by: Ravi Teja on Feb 11, 2018.

Alphabets are in Chineese Language

How many alphabets are in Chineese language?

Asked by: Satyajit Mahanti on Feb 11, 2018.

First Chief Minister in India who Sworn in Outside Assembly Hall

Who is the first chief minister in India who sworn in outside assembly hall?

Asked by: Anu on Feb 9, 2018.

Founder of INA

Who is the founder of INA?


Asked by: Javaid Ahmad Bhat on Feb 3, 2018.EDIT

First Muslim President of INC

Who was the First muslim president of INC?

Asked by: Irfan on Feb 1, 2018.

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