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Symbol of the Tree in the UN Flag

Branches of which tree appear on the UN flag?

Asked by: Priya on Feb 7, 2018.  Answers (1)

First Totally Literate District in India

The first totally literate district in India is __________.

Asked by: Priya on Feb 7, 2018.  Answers (1)

Founder of INA

Who is the founder of INA?


Asked by: Javaid Ahmad Bhat on Feb 3, 2018.EDIT

First Muslim President of INC

Who was the First muslim president of INC?

Asked by: Irfan on Feb 1, 2018.

Types of Cooperative Banks

Explain the Types of cooperative banks with examples

Asked by: Ompooja Sharma on Jan 29, 2018.

First Martyr of Assam Against British

Who was first martyr of Assam against British?

Asked by: Saurav Athparia on Jan 27, 2018.  Answers (1)

Choose the Answer: India is the first nation that used _______ as nuclear fuel.

India is the first nation that used _______ as nuclear fuel.
A. enriched uranium
B. thorium
C. graphite
D. plotonium uranium carbide

Asked by: Arathy on Jan 26, 2018.  Answers (1)

Country Named as the Country of Wind

Which country is known as the country of wind?

Asked by: Soma on Jan 6, 2018.  Answers (1)

Important Dates & Days for Preparing the Competitive Exams

Please give the notes of important dates & days for preparing the competitive exams like Bank, UPSC, SSC.

Asked by: Priya on Jan 5, 2018.

New Appointments In India 2017

Full details about the New Appointments In India 2017.

Asked by: Shara on Jan 5, 2018.  Answers (1)

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