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Details of IBRD

IBRD is also known as ___________.

A) International Bank
B) World Bank
C) Asian Development Bank
D) Bank of America

Asked by: Prithi Kumari on Jul 20, 2017.  Answers (2)

Rules of Nevada

In Nevada, it is illegal to drive what on the highway?

Asked by: Rajesh on Jul 19, 2017.

Sports Minister of India

Who is the sports minister of India?

Asked by: Naveen on Jul 17, 2017.  Answers (1)

Country Which Has the Rule To Select an Educated One for the Parliament Election

Which country has a system of election to parliament such that only educated ones can participate?

Asked by: Vishnu on Jul 15, 2017.

The Largest Producer of Barley

Which country is the largest producer of barley?

Asked by: Shalaka on Jul 13, 2017.

History of Aadhar Card

Who introduces the Aadhar card?

Asked by: Sahil Sangwan on Jul 12, 2017.

Host City of National Conference of NITI Aayog

Which city is hosting the National Conference of NITI Aayog?

A] New Delhi
B] Ahmedabad
C] Kanpur
D] Indore

Asked by: Vishal Singh on Jul 11, 2017.  Answers (3)

Lowest Population Country

Which is the lowest population country?

Asked by: Dibyaranja Mahanta on Jul 9, 2017.

President of Britain

Who is the president of Britain?

Asked by: Rathod Sagar on Jul 2, 2017.

Answer to the Basic General Knowledge Question

1. Who is the Father of Poetry?
2. Who is the father of Geometry?
3. Who is the father of Mathematic?
4. Who is the father of Chemistry?
5. Who is the father of Physics?
6. Who is the father of Biology?

Asked by: Kc Lala on Jun 25, 2017.

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