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Interview Pattern : What Category of the Job are You Looking for and Why?

What category of the job are you looking for and why?

Asked by: Ajay Kushwaha on Mar 24, 2017.

HR : How Do you Deal With Competition?

How do you deal with competition?

Asked by: Mohammad on Mar 23, 2017.

HR Question : Why you Have Chosen Mechanical Engineering and Why Not any Other Branch?

Why you have chosen mechanical engineering and why not any other branch?

Asked by: Satyapal Bhargav on Mar 23, 2017.

HR : How You Rate Yourself in Term of Attendance and Performance?

How you rate yourself in term of attendance and performance?

Asked by: Sasikala on Mar 23, 2017.

Interview Process Details for Franklin Templeton Investments

I would like to know interview process for Franklin Templeton Investments, JP Morgan Chase, Etc

Asked by: Vishal Macha on Mar 23, 2017.

HR Interview - Career Changing in Finance Field

Hello Team,

I am Vishal Macha currently working in Unisys India Private Limited as Technical support since November 16th 2015. Coming to my Education qualification, I have done my BBA in finance in the year of 2015 with an aggregate of 74%. I had done my Intermediate in Alfa Junior College of Commerce in the year of 2012 and Arts and I had done my SSC in Vignan Convent High School in the year of 2010.

As now I am in IT domain now I would like to move my Domain to Finance. What should I answer if the interviewer ask me why would you like to change your domain finance?

Please let me know what should I answer so that I work on it.

Thank You

Asked by: Vishal Macha on Mar 23, 2017.


Discuss on the general topic : WATER AND ITS USES.

Asked by: Shriya on Mar 23, 2017.  Answers (1)

Interview : Have you been in Some Challenging Situation? Explain how you Handled it?

Have you been in some challenging situation? Explain how you handled it?

Asked by: Pravin on Mar 23, 2017.

Answer the Given HR Question

1. How well do you handle change?
2. How do you take an important decision?
3. Why you choose banking job as MBA finance fresher?
4. Where do you see yourself after 5 years as a banker?

Asked by: Shalini on Mar 22, 2017.

Hr Round Interview - Have You Applied for Some More Jobs

Have you applied for some more jobs?

Asked by: Subhipatel on Mar 22, 2017.

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