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Find the Percentage of Salary

Gopal's salary is 40% more than Sushanth's salary, where as Harish's salary is 60% less than Gopal's. Sushanth's salary is what percentage more than Harish's salary

Asked by: Sasidhar on Jan 2, 2020.EDIT

Find the Value of the X in 50, 30, 10, 35, X

If the average of 50, 30, 10, 35, X is 25 then Find the value of X.

Asked by: Sachin on Dec 30, 2019.EDIT

Applications of Insertion Sort

What are the applications of insertion sort?

Asked by: Fazeen on Dec 27, 2019.EDIT

Determine the Year Which has the Same Calendar as 1984

Which year will have the same calendar as 1984?

Asked by: Ashok on Dec 26, 2019.EDIT

Father of Child Psychology

Who is the father of child psychology?

Asked by: Kuljit Kalita on Dec 25, 2019.EDIT

Method for Estimate the cost of the Project

The detailed estimate of the cost the project is done by:
(A) Unit-quantity method
(B) Total-quantity method
(C) BOOQ method
(D) By the first two methods

Asked by: Akash on Dec 19, 2019.EDIT

Method for Calculating the Earthwork Quantities

The earthwork quantities are calculated:
(A) By mid-sectional method
(B) By mean-sectional method
(C) By prismoidal method
(D) All of these

Asked by: Akash on Dec 19, 2019.EDIT

Choose the Correct Statement as Per the Approximate Estimation

In case of approximate estimation, which one is correct?

(A) It gives a rough idea of the probable expenditure for project financing
(B) It is used for administrative approval for the project
(C) It is used for valuation and rent fixation
(D) All of these

Asked by: Akash on Dec 19, 2019.EDIT

Process of Analysing the Rate

In an analysis of rates which is/are included from the following?

(A) Cost of quantities of materials
(B) Cost of labour and other miscellaneous expenditures
(C) Contractor's profit
(D) All of these

Asked by: Akash on Dec 19, 2019.EDIT

The basis for Preparing the Schedule of Rates

The schedule of rates is prepared based on:
(A) Analysis of rates
(B) Experience
(C) General abstract of cost
(D) Building cost index

Asked by: Akash on Dec 19, 2019.EDIT

Condition for the Revised Estimation

The revised estimate is a detailed estimate and is required to be prepared under the condition when:

(A) The original estimate exceeds or likely to exceed by more than specified in OPWD mannual.
(B) The expenditure on a work exceeds or likely to exceed the amount of adminis-trative sanction as specified in OPWD mannual.
(C) There is material deviation from the original proposal even though the cost may be met from the sanctioned strength.
(D) Any or all such case prevails.

Asked by: Akash on Dec 19, 2019.EDIT

Measurement for the Estimation of Earthwork

In the estimation of earthwork, the measurements shall be taken separately for what lead and height?
(A) 30 m, 1.5 m
(B) 25 m, 2.0 m
(C) 20 m, 1.0 m
(D) 40 m, 3.0 m

Asked by: Akash on Dec 19, 2019.  Answers (1)EDIT

Estimating the Cost of Building

Approximate cost of building commonly estimated by:

(A) Service unit method
(B) Comparison of costs at relative dates
(C) Rough grouped quantities or element bill method
(D) All of these methods

Asked by: Akash on Dec 19, 2019.EDIT

Wrong Number Series 12, 31, 72, 95, 114, 131, 144

12, 31, 72, 95, 114, 131, 144 find the wrong number from the series.

Asked by: Samruddhi Thete on Dec 13, 2019.EDIT

Find the Code Value for DOG

If GOT is coded as 18 then how DOG is coded as?

Asked by: Rohit on Dec 10, 2019.EDIT

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