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Complete the Analogy TORTURE : VIFGILG:: BENEFIT : ?


Asked by: Debashree Acharya on Aug 7, 2019.

The ratio of Men Workers to Women Workers

Average of workers is 12000. Average of men workers is 15000 and the average of women workers is 8000. What is the ratio of men workers to women workers?

Asked by: Mani on Aug 7, 2019.

Calculate the Amount Paid by Raju

Raju sold a watch to Sonu at 12% gain and Sonu had to sell it to Manu at a loss of 5%. if Manu paid rs 5320, how much did Raju pay for it?

Asked by: Jenny on Aug 6, 2019.

Expression for the Centroid of a right-angled Triangle

Derive the expression for the centroid of the right-angled triangle.

Asked by: Dheeraj on Aug 6, 2019.

Exception Handling Mechanism For Debugging a Program

How the exception handling mechanism can be used for debugging a program?

Asked by: Shree on Aug 6, 2019.

About Operating System

Can you display information's about the operating system?

Asked by: Gokul on Aug 5, 2019.

About Article 370

Will revocation of Article 370 bring peace to the Kashmir region?

Asked by: Sujith S on Aug 5, 2019.EDIT

Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum

State the law of conservation of linear momentum and prove it on the basis of second law of motion.

Asked by: Immanuel on Aug 5, 2019.EDIT

Code for RUPAY

If RUBY is coded as 264 and PAY is coded as 126 then how will RUPAY be coded as?

Asked by: Vipin Chaturvedi on Aug 3, 2019.EDIT

Determine the Age of Kalpana

Fifteen years back, Ms. Kalpana had three sons Ramesh, Suresh and Rajesh. The sum of the age of Ramesh, Suresh and Rajesh was equal to half of t he age of their mother. It was during the next five years when Mahesh was born. Then the age of Ms. Kalpana was equal to the sum of the ages of all her children. Time went on and years passed and Dinesh was born and age of Ramesh equaled the sum of the ages of Rajesh and Mahesh. Now, it so happened that the sum of the ages of Ramesh, Suresh, Rajesh, Mahesh and Dinesh was double the age of their mother and was also equal to the sum of the ages of Suresh and Ramesh. Also Ramesh's age was equal to sum of the ages of Mahesh and Dinesh. What is the age of Ms. Kalpana?

Asked by: Rahul on Aug 3, 2019.EDIT

Description of Writing Communication

What is meant by writing communication?

Asked by: Vrushikesh Patil on Aug 3, 2019.EDIT

Write an int Function and Cube of Single int Formal Parameters

Write an int function cube that return the cube of single int formal parameters.

Asked by: Kaleb on Aug 3, 2019.EDIT

Tool Used to Enlarge a Previously Drilled Hole

A tool which is used to enlarge a previously drilled hole is known as;

(A) Boring tool
(B) Turning tool
(C) Form tool
(D) Facing tool

Asked by: Darshan Padwal on Aug 2, 2019.EDIT

Find the Greatest Number that divides 2300 and 3500

Find the greatest number that divides 2300 and 3500 leaving a remainder of 32 and 56.

Asked by: Mihir Mukherjee on Aug 2, 2019.EDIT

Next Number of 2, 6, 8, 14

What is the next number in the following series: 2, 6, 8, 14?

Asked by: Elizabeth Wamambo on Aug 2, 2019.  Answers (1)EDIT

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