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Next Number of 35, 11, 29, 55,109, ?

35, 11, 29, 55,109, ?

What's the next number?

Asked by: Sainath on Aug 2, 2019.

Steps of Gram Staining

What are the steps of gram staining?

Asked by: Bertha on Aug 2, 2019.

Interview Question : What exactly do you look in a job?

What exactly do you look in a job?

Asked by: Satish on Aug 2, 2019.

KPTCL Solved Question Paper

Please provide me the previous year's solved question paper of Kptcl.

Asked by: Kavita Baradagi on Aug 1, 2019.

Find the Rate of Compound Interest for Rs.4500

With what rate of compound interest Rs.4500 in two years yields Rs.945 as an interest?

Asked by: Sumi on Aug 1, 2019.

Difference between Inferiority and Humbleness

Difference between inferiority and humbleness.

Asked by: Riya on Jul 31, 2019.

Probability of Getting Exactly 2 Heads

What is the probability of getting exactly 2 heads in three tosses of a fair coin?
A. 1/8
B. 1/4
C. 3/8
D. 1/2

Asked by: Zarrar on Jul 31, 2019.EDIT

Next Number of12 20 34 57 ?

What will be the next number of12 20 34 57 ?

Asked by: Pooja on Jul 30, 2019.EDIT

Find the Difference Between the Face Value of 7 in Numeral 574873

The difference between the face value of 7 in numeral 574873 is?

Asked by: Waqas Anjum on Jul 30, 2019.EDIT

Next Number of 12, 18, 45, 157.5

Find the next number of 12, 18, 45, 157.5, ?.

Asked by: Cheguri Laxman on Jul 29, 2019.  Answers (1)EDIT

Choose the Correct answer About the Transdermal Product

A transdermal product is designed to deliver drugs to the following sites.

A) General circulation
B) Stratum basale
C) Stratum spinosum
D) Stratum granulosum

Asked by: Glorious Tembo on Jul 29, 2019.EDIT

Calculate the Average Mark Obtained by the Passed Students

The Average marks obtained by 50 students in a class are 55 . The Average mark obtain by those who fail are 45 . What is the average marks obtain by those who passed?

Asked by: Purnima Nayak on Jul 29, 2019.EDIT

Amount Invested by R

Two friends P and Q started a business investing in the ratio of 5:6. R joined them after six months investing an amount equal to that of Q's. At the end of the year, 20% profit was earned which was equal to 98,000. What was the amount invested by R?

Asked by: Aryan Rabha on Jul 28, 2019.EDIT

Creating an Object without a Class

Can an object be created without a class?

Asked by: Sheik Habib on Jul 28, 2019.EDIT

Odd man out : Bat, Bed, Boat, Hut.

Odd man out : Bat, Bed, Boat, Hut.

Asked by: Varsha Patil on Jul 28, 2019.EDIT

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