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Deliver Quality Work Data Entry

1. Why the buyer should trust you will deliver quality work data entry?
2. What have you done in the past that proves your expertise?
3. What are the key strengths that make you stand out above another freelancer?

Asked by: Adnan Ahmad on Mar 30, 2019.

Name the Layer which Decides the Location of Synchronization Points

Which layer decides the location of synchronization points?

Asked by: Ajay on Mar 29, 2019.EDIT

Interface Between a Database Application and the Database of an Enterprise-class Database System

Why does a DBMS act as an interface between a database application and the database of an enterprise-class database system?

Asked by: Kesitasim on Mar 28, 2019.

Correct Package for Graphics Programming

Which package provides many methods for graphics programming?

Asked by: Navya on Mar 28, 2019.

Calculate the Salary Amount of 30 Labours

If wages of 25 labours per8 days is 1000 then, how much should be given to 30 labours per 10 days?

Asked by: B. Snehalatha Reddy on Mar 28, 2019.  Answers (1)

Arrange the Given Words in the Correct Order Ankle, Toe, Knee, Thigh, Calf.

Arrange the words in some logical order. Ankle, Toe, Knee, Thigh, Calf.

Asked by: Kevin Barayuga on Mar 28, 2019.  Answers (1)

Number of Days Taken by 6 men, 5 women and 4 boys to Earn Rs 768

If 8 men,10 women and 16 boys can earn RS 1024 in one day then in how many days will 6 men, 5 women and 4 boys earn Rs 768.

Asked by: Kulanand Mahto on Mar 28, 2019.

Interview Question : If you could have any superhero power, what it would be?

If you could have any superhero power, what it would be?

How to answer for the above question?

Asked by: Harry on Mar 26, 2019.  Answers (1)

Pre-cat Question for CDAC Entrance Exam

Hi, I need pre-cat question test series for CDAC Entrance exam. Can anyone provide me?

Asked by: Omkar on Mar 26, 2019.

Ratio of Depth to Width of the Strongest Beam

Prove that the ratio of depth to width of the strongest beam that can be cut from a circular log of wood having diameter d is 1.414.

Asked by: Mitesh on Mar 24, 2019.

GD Topics for B.Tech

What is the topics in GD iin placement?

Asked by: Jyotee on Mar 23, 2019.

Next Number of 9, 8, 12, 27, 92, 435

What will be the next number of 9, 8, 12, 27, 92, 435?

Asked by: Rajini on Mar 21, 2019.

Structure of Cells

Are Cells Made Up Of Atoms?

Asked by: Saad on Mar 20, 2019.

The resistance of the Light Bulb

A light bulb draws 300mA when the voltage across it is 204v. The resistance of the light bulb is;

Asked by: Timothy on Mar 20, 2019.

Economical Method of Power Generation

What is the most recent economical method of power generation from boiler?

Asked by: Labannya Mondal on Mar 20, 2019.

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