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Organizational Knowledge for a competitive Skill

Which types of organizational knowledge are a source of competitive advantage?

Asked by: Mac Nell Shire on Apr 19, 2020.

Find the Equivalent Value of 1834=?


Asked by: Ritesh on Apr 19, 2020.

Find the Wrong Number 1, 2, 11, 36, 84

Replace the wrong number among 1, 2, 11, 36, 84.

Asked by: Mamata Swain on Apr 17, 2020.

Complete the Series 19, 20, 16, 25, 9, ?

Complete the series 19, 20, 16, 25, 9, ?

Asked by: Rahul on Apr 17, 2020.  Answers (1)EDIT

Overview of Title Block

A title block contains all of the following information, except:
a) Name and Address of the Company
b) Part list
c) Drawing sheet size and sheet letter designation
d) Drawing Number

Asked by: Chirag on Apr 15, 2020.

Pencil Used for Centre Lines

Centre lines are drawn using __ pencil.
a) H
b) 2H
c) 3H or 4H
d) HB

Asked by: Chirag on Apr 15, 2020.EDIT

Solve the Matrix and Find the Missing number

1 5 13
61 125 ?

Asked by: Wasim Beg on Apr 6, 2020.

Calculate the Power of the Man

A man can push a cart of 50,000 pounds through a distance of 20m in 10seconds. Find his power.

Asked by: Deependra Adhikari on Apr 4, 2020.

Find the correct Code of HFBD

If GECA=54 then HFBD = ?

Asked by: Rrajkumar on Apr 3, 2020.EDIT

The pH Value of Water in Concrete

The pH value of water to be used in concrete shall generally be
A) not more than 7
B) not less than 6
C) not less than 5
D) not more than 6
E) equal to 7

Asked by: Naveen Chaudhari on Apr 3, 2020.EDIT

Choose the Year with Reference of the Ratio of Ages

In the year 2005, the ratio of the ages of A and B was 1:2. Some years later, it will become 5:9. In which of the following years can the ratio of their ages never be 4:7?

a) 2017
b) 2015
c) 2013
d) 2009

Asked by: Pabitra Pradhan on Apr 3, 2020.EDIT

The Thing which is 2kg if Dry, 1kg if Wet and 3kg if Burnt

What is one thing which is 2kg if dry, 1kg if wet and 3kg if burnt?

Asked by: Jayesh on Apr 3, 2020.

Write a java(eclipse) Program for the Given Output

Write a java(eclipse) Program and print the following output.

5 5 5 5 5
* * * *
3 3 3
* *
* *
3 3 3
* * * *
5 5 5 5 5

Asked by: Maria on Apr 1, 2020.

Write a Program to Create a Structure

Write a program that will create a structure called cricketInfo and it will contain two members: teamName and battingAverage. Your program will take input for 3 teams and their batting averages. Then you will search for a specific team. According to your search result, it will give you the batting average of that team.

Asked by: Khurshid on Mar 31, 2020.EDIT

Find the Code of the Word Vijay

Find the code for the word Vijay..

If Rakesh=438, Vijay=?

Asked by: Rakesh on Mar 31, 2020.EDIT

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