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Find the Value of n 42 nCr-1=10 and nCr=3nCr+1

Find n when 42 nCr-1=10 and nCr=3nCr+1.

Asked by: Kashmiri Borah on Nov 7, 2019.

Calculate the Velocity of Sam's car

Every weekday Sam drives the distance of 25 km between his home and work in 30 minutes. However, Friday it only takes him 20 minutes to cover the same distance. Calculate the velocity of Sam's car on these different day's.

Asked by: Meena on Nov 6, 2019.EDIT

Application of Laplace Transform in process control

What is the application of Laplace transform in process control?

Asked by: Rakshith R Poojary on Nov 2, 2019.EDIT

Inspection of Fire Alarm System According to NFPA 72

Inspection of fire alarm system according to NFPA 72 will be
a. Yearly
b. Quarterly
c. Daily
d. Weekly

Asked by: Ammar on Nov 2, 2019.EDIT

Role of Data Analyst

What is the role of data analyst?

Asked by: Narendra on Nov 2, 2019.EDIT

Find the Next Number 1 11 35 79

1 11 35 79 ?

Asked by: Kunal on Nov 1, 2019.EDIT

Find the Day Which will Come After 776 Days

If today is Wednesday, After 776 days It will be;

Asked by: Surya on Oct 31, 2019.

Question on Life Insurance

Bancassurance, as envisaged in India, means;
a) Designing and marketing of insurance products by commercial banks.
b) Guaranteeing the benefits of insurance products of insurance companies by Banks.
c) Banks acting as corporate agents of insurance Companies to cross-sell insurance products to their own customers.
d) Offering free insurance cover for its customers.

Asked by: Sanju on Oct 29, 2019.EDIT

Number of Values Represented in a Single-Byte

How many values can be represented by a single byte?

Asked by: Sruthi on Oct 27, 2019.

Odd one out : Beneath, underneath, above, below, bottom, beside

Odd one out from the following.

(Beneath, underneath, above, below, bottom, beside)

Asked by: Vaseem on Oct 27, 2019.EDIT

Role of the Underwriter in Insurance

The main role of an underwriter in a non-life insurance company is normally to

A. Assess the acceptability of particular risks.
B. Certify a loss when claims are submitted.
C. Design the structure of the products to be offered.
D. Negotiate with the industry regulator.

Asked by: Ramansh Patel on Oct 26, 2019.EDIT

Predict the Output of the C Program

What will be the output of the following C program?

int main()
char str[] = "Nagpur";
printf("%s, ", str);
str = "Kanpur";
printf("%s", str+1);
return 0;

Asked by: Samuel on Oct 26, 2019.EDIT

The Rate of Change of Momentum

The rate of change of momentum is called
a) Force
b) Impulse
c) Torque
d) Acceleration

Asked by: Nainika Bose on Oct 26, 2019.EDIT

Process of Insurance Sales

Currently, the major percentage of insurance sales in India takes place through;

Asked by: Shoriful Islam on Oct 25, 2019.EDIT

Program to Create a Function for Little-endian Short Integer in to Big-endian

Write a program to create a function to convert little-endian short integer in to big-endian

Asked by: Nataraja K on Oct 24, 2019.EDIT

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