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Calculate the Time Taken for One Train to Pass the Other Train

Two trains travelling on adjacent tracks in the same direction are 80m and 120m long respectively. The shorter train travels at 100km/h while the long train travels at 40km/h. Calculate the time taken for one train to pass the other train.

Asked by: Arghya on Dec 17, 2020.

Torsional Reinforcement of Two-way Slabs

In two way slabs, torsional reinforcement is provided at?

Asked by: Hemanshu on Dec 14, 2020.EDIT

Interview Question : Describe a time when you made a mistake when dealing with a staff person and how did you handle the situation.

1. Tell me about a time that you had to deal with a conflict between licensed and unlicensed personnel and how you handled the situation.

2. Tell me about a time in the past where you did something to improve teamwork and motivate staff towards a common goal?

3. Give me an example of a time where you needed more information to solve a problem, how did you go about gathering and analysing information to solve the problem?

4. Describe a time when you are responsible for organising different types of personnel to get work done and some of them weren't very enthusiastic. What did you do?

5. Describe a time when you made a mistake when dealing with a staff person and how did you handle the situation?

Asked by: Rajiv on Dec 13, 2020.EDIT

Find the Missing Number 28, 55, _, 115, 148.

Find the missing number series 28, 55, _, 115, 148.

Asked by: Jogarao on Dec 13, 2020.EDIT

Find the Code Value of CAT

If A=26, SUN=27, then CAT is equal to?

Asked by: Anonymous on Dec 11, 2020.EDIT

Find the HCF of 2750 is 550

The LCM of two numbers whose product is 2750 is 550. What is the HCF of the two numbers?

Asked by: Crystal Olivia Raza on Dec 11, 2020.EDIT

Find the Code of the Word WATCH

In a certain code language, TITAN is written as 48797, then how is WATCH written in same code language?

1) 67841
2) 16784
3) 35896
4) 16759
5) 16484

Asked by: Mahesh Mhatre on Dec 10, 2020.EDIT

Find the Total Elongation of the Bar

A steel bar of 500mm length is under tensile stress of 100 N/mm2. If the modulus of elasticity is 2x1011 N/m2, then the total elongation of the bar will be;

Asked by: Saurabh on Dec 10, 2020.EDIT

Find the Code of Individual

Barricade is coded as aabcdeirr then individual is coded as?

Asked by: Rohith on Dec 7, 2020.EDIT

Find the Speed of the Container Truck

You are sitting in a bus which is travelling at the rate of 50 km per hour. You see a container truck travelling in the opposite direction. The container truck took 9 sec to cross you. If the container truck is 280 m length, What is its speed?

Asked by: Sdhivya on Dec 4, 2020.EDIT

Complete the Analogy 12 : 729 :: 9 : ?

Complete the analogy series 12 : 729 :: 9 : ?.

Asked by: Rahul on Dec 4, 2020.  Answers (2)EDIT

Plan for Weekly Premiums

Weekly premiums are generally collected for which type of plans?
(a) Bancassurance
(b) Health plans
(c) Micro Insurance
(d) Term Insurance.

Asked by: Pawa on Dec 3, 2020.EDIT

Application of Indemnity

The principle of indemnity is applicable to?

Asked by: Pawa on Dec 3, 2020.EDIT

[Solved] Thunderbird not working - Unable receive messages

Thunderbird (Email client) Not Working - Cannot receive messages.

Please someone help me.

Asked by: Sundar on Dec 2, 2020.  Answers (1)

Find the Reduce Level of the Base of the Pillar

Reduce the level of the line of collimation is 50 m, staff reading at the base of Pillar is 1.5 m then find the reduce level of the base of the pillar.

Asked by: Rupesh Kumar Yadav on Nov 30, 2020.

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