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Types of Workshop

What are the types of workshop?

Asked by: Uzoma Chisom on Feb 4, 2021.

Find the Ages of Ahmad and Kemal in 10 years

Mr Ahmad age is twice of the Kemal age. In the next 20 years the sum of their age is 85. Then find their age in 10 years.

Asked by: Riyad on Feb 2, 2021.

Determine the Actual Distance Between A And B on a Plan

The distance between A and B on a plan is 5mm. If the scale of plan is 1:1250. What is the actual distance between A and B?

Asked by: Tenagyei on Feb 1, 2021.

Nth term Formula for -1 20 77 188

What is the nth term formula for -1 20 77 188?

Asked by: Nandipha on Jan 29, 2021.EDIT

Find the Nth term Formula for 3 24 81

What is the nth term formula for 3 24 81

Asked by: Nandipha on Jan 29, 2021.EDIT

Number of Odd Days in the Year 2020

Determine the number of odd days in the year 2020.

Asked by: Sai Anusha on Jan 29, 2021.EDIT

Determine the Output of the Given Pseudocode

What will be the output of the following pseudocode?
integer a, b
set a = 15, b = 7
a= a mod(a-3)
b= b mod (b-3)
a=a mod 1
b=b mod 1
print a+b

Asked by: Sainath on Jan 28, 2021.EDIT

Solution of 35% of (?) = 2175.95

Find the solution of 35% of (?) = 2175.95

Asked by: Pradeepta Smal on Jan 28, 2021.EDIT

Artificial Intelligence: Find the Degree of AI for Drawing Energy

Various subfields of AI have held contests by defining a standard task and inviting researchers to do their best. Examples include the DARPA Grand Challenge for robotic cars, The International Planning Competition, the Robocup robotic soccer league, the TREC information retrieval event, and contests in machine translation, speech recognition. Investigate one of these contests, and describe the progress made over the years. To what degree have the contests advanced the state of the art in AI? To what degree do they hurt the field by drawing energy away from new ideas?

Asked by: Gopinadh on Jan 28, 2021.EDIT

Find the value of A: B: C Where a: b is 3: 4 and b: c is 2:5

If a: b is 3: 4 and b: c is 2:5 Find A: B: C?

Asked by: Mohit Singh on Jan 28, 2021.EDIT

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