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Discovery of HB Test

Who discovered the HB test?

Asked by: Saran on Feb 12, 2019.EDIT

Find the Total Loss or Gain in Rupees

A merchant sells 2 articles for Rs.1920 each. On one he gains 20% and on the other he losses 20%. Find the total loss or gain in rupees?

Asked by: Brahmam on Feb 12, 2019.EDIT

Find the Age of Ram Who is Elder than Jadu

Ram is elder than Jadu by a number of years by which he is younger than Shyam. If the sum of ages of Shyam and Jadu be 21 years, then find the age of Ram.

Asked by: Phool on Feb 11, 2019.EDIT

Activities of Caribbean Industries

Identify two industries in the Caribbean that were developed from each of the following activities:

(i) Agriculture
(ii) Mining

Asked by: Devonne on Feb 10, 2019.EDIT

Choose the False Statements From the Given Statement

Of the following statements, there are two statements both of which cannot be true but both can be false. Which are these two statements?
1. All machines make noise
2. Some machines are noisy.
3. No machine makes noise.
4. Some machines are not noisy.

a. 1 & 2
b. 3 & 4
c. 1 & 3
d. 2 & 4

Asked by: Chiranjivi Dahal on Feb 10, 2019.EDIT

Next Number of 4, 6, 15, 60

What will be the next number of 4, 6, 15, 60?

Asked by: Shiva Tivari on Feb 10, 2019.EDIT

Find the Error Part of the Given Code

What's that error in the code?

Byte b=50;

Asked by: Neelima on Feb 8, 2019.EDIT

Purpose of the Piston Ring Gap in an Automobile

What is the purpose of the piston ring gap in an automobile?

Asked by: Govindu Omprakash on Feb 8, 2019.EDIT

Analogy Series 8 : 9 :: 25 : ?

Solve Analogy 8 : 9 :: 25 : ?

Asked by: Kapil Jangir on Feb 8, 2019.EDIT

Definition of Paurometabolous Development

What is paurometabolous development? Give one example?

Asked by: Seraj on Feb 7, 2019.EDIT

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