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Find the Cost One Dozen Oranges

The Cost price of a basket of 120 oranges is rupees 480. Find the cost one dozen oranges.

Asked by: Keerthana Tv on Feb 21, 2019.

Find the Next Number : 2, 7, 26, 101, 400, ?

What number will come in the place of "?" from the given series?

a) 3, -6, 12, 4, 20, ?
b) 7, 16, 8, 27, 9, ?
c) 2, 7, 26, 101, 400, ?
d) 7, 21, 8, 72, 9, ?

Asked by: Lola Smith on Feb 20, 2019.

Next Number of 29, 54, 103, 200, 393

What will be the next number of 29, 54, 103, 200, 393, ?

Asked by: Md Ali on Feb 19, 2019.

Complete the Analogy Aeroplane : Hangar:: Cloth : ?

Aeroplane : Hangar:: Cloth : ?

Asked by: Gabbar on Feb 16, 2019.

Calculate the Average Price of the Book

Rashid buys 3 books for Rs 16 each and 4 books for 23 each. What will be the average price of the book?

Asked by: Iqra on Feb 15, 2019.

Next Number of 8, 13, 26, 51

What will be the next number of 8, 13, 26, 51?

Asked by: Naveen on Feb 14, 2019.

Find the Position of A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H

In a family A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are the eight members out of which there are three couples and as many generations. Each of these belongs to a different profession among - Accountant, Doctor, Engineer, Consultant, Lawyer, Manager, Painter and Teacher, not necessarily in that order. Each couple has at least one
(1) The Lawyer is married to the Manager and the Engineer is a male.
(2) B is the Consultant and is a bachelor and F, the Painter is his Cousin.
(3) D and E are the children of A, the Doctor.
(4) G is elder to H and these two are of different genders.
(5) E has a girl child and is married to a Teacher.
(6) The Lawyer and C are brothers-in-law.

1. How is A related to H?
(1) Mother-in-law. (2) Father-in-law
3) Daughter-in-law. (4) Son-in-law
5) Mother

2. How is the consultant related to the Accountant?
(1) Cousin (2) Nephew (3) Son
(4) Son-in-law (5) Uncle

3. How is F related to the Lawyer?
(1) Daughter (2) Daughter-in-law(3) Aunt
(4) Mother-in law (5) Niece

5.How are the Accountant and related to each
(1) Brothers (2) Sisters (3) Cousins
(4) Sisters-in-law (5) Cannot be determined

6. Which among the following is definitely false?
(1) Lawyer is Son of the Doctor.
(2) Accountant is the aunt of B.
(3) A is the father of E.
(4) C and D are brothers-in-law
(5) D and E are siblings.

Asked by: Varsha on Feb 14, 2019.EDIT

Calculate the Total Weight of the Grapes When it is Fresh

The fresh grapes contain 80% water, while dry grapes contain 10% water. If the weight of dry grapes is 500 kg what is its total weight when it is fresh?

Asked by: Masroor Malik on Feb 13, 2019.EDIT

Find the Total Loss or Gain in Rupees

A merchant sells 2 articles for Rs.1920 each. On one he gains 20% and on the other he losses 20%. Find the total loss or gain in rupees?

Asked by: Brahmam on Feb 12, 2019.EDIT

Find the Age of Ram Who is Elder than Jadu

Ram is elder than Jadu by a number of years by which he is younger than Shyam. If the sum of ages of Shyam and Jadu be 21 years, then find the age of Ram.

Asked by: Phool on Feb 11, 2019.EDIT

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