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Find the correct code value of WATCH

In a certain code, Titan is written as 48797 then how watch is written?

Asked by: Prachi on Aug 27, 2019.  Answers (1)EDIT

Find the Next Letter of A, H, A, L,

Find the next letter of the alphabet series A, H, A, L, ?.

Asked by: Myla Nagamma on Aug 27, 2019.EDIT

Find the Correct Analogy of Breath

Mouth is to eat. Teeth are to bite. Heart is to pumping. ________ is to breath.

Asked by: Md. Swapan Uddin on Aug 26, 2019.  Answers (2)EDIT

Find the Blood Relationship Between B and C

A and B are the children of C. C is the father of A but B is not the son of C. How is B related to C?

Asked by: Md. Swapan Uddin on Aug 26, 2019.  Answers (2)EDIT

Next Number of 16, 40, 100, 250, ?

16, 40, 100, 250, ?

Asked by: Nausheen on Aug 26, 2019.EDIT

Calculate the Number of Days Taken by Ruma and Rohit to complete the Work Together

Ruma and Rohit can complete a work in 20 days. Rohit and Sobha can complete that work in 15 days. Let's calculate in how many days they will complete the work together.

Asked by: Randhir Jha on Aug 26, 2019.EDIT

Probability of Even Prime Number Roll on a Die

Find the probability of even prime number roll on a die.

Asked by: Debashis Ray on Aug 26, 2019.EDIT

Find Who will win the Race

In 100 metre race, Jerry won and tom in 90th metre. Tom asked to restart the race but jerry should behind the starting line 10m. Who would win Tom or Jerry or Tie?

Asked by: Shyam Varnan on Aug 25, 2019.EDIT

Find the Share of B Where C Gets 18000 more than A

Three persons A, B, C shared profit in the ratio of 3 : 6 : 5. if C gets 18000 more than A then find the share of B.

Asked by: Amit on Aug 25, 2019.EDIT

Active to Passive Voice : I remember them taking me to the zoo.

I remember them taking me to the zoo.

Change from active to passive voice.

Asked by: Abhilasha Sahani on Aug 25, 2019.EDIT

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