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Find the Distance Between the Pillars

A cable, 32meters in length, hangs between two pillars that are both 30 meters high. The ends of the cable are attached to the tops of the pillars. At its lowest point, the cable hangs 14 meters above the ground. Find out the distance between the pillars.

Asked by: Ragul on Jan 5, 2020.EDIT

Find the Percentage of Salary

Gopal's salary is 40% more than Sushanth's salary, where as Harish's salary is 60% less than Gopal's. Sushanth's salary is what percentage more than Harish's salary

Asked by: Sasidhar on Jan 2, 2020.EDIT

Determine the Year Which has the Same Calendar as 1984

Which year will have the same calendar as 1984?

Asked by: Ashok on Dec 26, 2019.EDIT

Calculate the Present age of B

3yrs ago the ratio of A's age at that time to B's age at that time was 5:9 A's age five yrs ago was 14 yrs less than B's age 7yrs ago what is B's present age?

Asked by: Aliya A M on Nov 23, 2019.EDIT

Find Gain And Loss Percent for Pankaj

Pankaj sells two-cycle for rupees 2376 each. On one he gains 10% and in the other, he loses 10%. Find his gain or loss per cent.

Asked by: Rita on Nov 16, 2019.

Find the Cost of Trekking Shoe

The retail price of trekking shoes is Rs. 1265. If the manufacturer gains 10%, the wholesale dealer gains 15% and the retailer gains 25%, then the cost of the product is:

Asked by: Sonu Gautam on Nov 15, 2019.

Find the Day Which will Come After 776 Days

If today is Wednesday, After 776 days It will be;

Asked by: Surya on Oct 31, 2019.

Calculate the Simple Interest for the Money

A person deposited a sum of Rs 10000 in a bank. After 2 years he withdrew 4000 and at the end of 5 years, he received an amount of Rs 7900, then the rate of simple interest is?

Asked by: Rushabh on Oct 11, 2019.

Find the Number of Girls who Actually Went to the Food Court.

A group of girls decided to go food court and eat some snacks. They were prepared to spend Rs 96 on these snacks. However, some girls could not join because of an extra class and the remaining girls had to spend Rs 4 each extra. Find the number of girls who actually went to the food court.

Asked by: Anusha on Oct 6, 2019.

Calculate the Gain Percentage of the Dealer for the Goods

A dishonest dealer claims to sell his goods at the cost price but uses a false weight of 900 gm for 1 kg. What is his gain per cent?

Asked by: Samhana Kaphle on Sep 25, 2019.

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