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Find the Third Number Where GCD of three numbers is 45

The GCD of three numbers is 45 and their LCM is 18900. Two of the numbers are 675 and 540. Find the other possible number.

Asked by: Biyun on Dec 30, 2020.EDIT

Find the Value of A B C where 3a=5b and 6b=7c

3a=5b and 6b=7c what is the value of A,B,C

Asked by: Niraj on Dec 24, 2020.EDIT

Calculate the Amount of Masada's Radio

Masada sold his radio to Aguti at sh 63,000 making a loss of 10 per cent. Aguti later sold the radio to Chebet a profit of 15persent. Calculate the amount of money Masada paid for the radio?

Asked by: Hamdi Queen on Dec 21, 2020.

Calculate the Time Taken for One Train to Pass the Other Train

Two trains travelling on adjacent tracks in the same direction are 80m and 120m long respectively. The shorter train travels at 100km/h while the long train travels at 40km/h. Calculate the time taken for one train to pass the other train.

Asked by: Arghya on Dec 17, 2020.

Find the HCF of 2750 is 550

The LCM of two numbers whose product is 2750 is 550. What is the HCF of the two numbers?

Asked by: Crystal Olivia Raza on Dec 11, 2020.EDIT

Find the Speed of the Container Truck

You are sitting in a bus which is travelling at the rate of 50 km per hour. You see a container truck travelling in the opposite direction. The container truck took 9 sec to cross you. If the container truck is 280 m length, What is its speed?

Asked by: Sdhivya on Dec 4, 2020.EDIT

Calculate the Number of Apples bought by a Person

A person spent Rs. 9.10 in buying oranges at the rate of 3 for 10 paise and apples at 25 paise for a dozen; if he had bought five times as many oranges and a quarter of the number of apples he would have spent Rs. 26.50. How many apples did he buy?

Asked by: Djmh on Oct 27, 2020.

What percentage of the number of times he scored between 25 and 49?

A cricketer has batted in 85 innings. He has scored 13 centuries, crossed the 50 run mark 21 times and crossed the 25 run mark 37 times and scored no double century. The number of times he has scored below 25 is what percentage of the number of times he scored between 25 and 49?

Asked by: Sunal on Oct 22, 2020.  Answers (1)

Find the Total Percentage of a Student

A student secures 90%, 60%, 54% marks in three test papers with maximum marks 100,150,200 respectively. Find his aggregate percentage.

Asked by: Tanvi on Oct 14, 2020.

Find the CP of the Bed Sheet

A bed sheet was sold for $483 thereby gaining is 15%. Find the C.P. of the bedsheet.

Asked by: Angel on Oct 12, 2020.

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