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Indirect Speech of - The teacher said,"Gandhiji brought us freedom."

The teacher said,"Gandhiji brought us freedom."

What will be the correct indirect speech for this?

Asked by: Harish on Feb 13, 2018.

Convert it into indirect speech - How should I repair this broken chair?

Convert it into indirect speech

He said,"How should I repair this broken chair?"

Asked by: Pratham Shah on Feb 8, 2018.

Check the Given Sentence is Correct or Error

Registration certificate will provided on the 'No Objection certificate' comes. Is that correct sentence?

Asked by: Sukesh on Dec 19, 2017.

Verbal Ability : Find the Clause of the Given Sentence

I know the person 'who came here.' who came here subordinate clause is?

A) noun clause
b) adjective clause
c) adverb clause
d) none of the above

Asked by: Jantu Chutia on Nov 4, 2017.

Identify Nouns and Verbs in the Given Sentence

Identify nouns and verbs in the following sentence.

1. Scientists believed that little children are a dramatist.
2. Researchers believe that little children are dramatist

Asked by: Kalaluka Samasumo on Oct 20, 2017.

Write Order, Command for the Given Blanks

Write order, command, requesting the blanks.

(1) Please take your pen ( )
(2) Go home now ( )
(3) Don't run ( )
(4) Take your pen and book( )
(5) Please sit down( )
(6) Stand up please ( )

Asked by: Avijit Roy on Oct 2, 2017.

Change the Given Sentence into the Indirect Speech

They said to the girls, "you danced well yesterday". Change into the indirect speech.

Asked by: Dev on Sep 14, 2017.

Addressing a Person who has Little Faith in Human Sincerity and Goodness

A person who has little faith in human sincerity and goodness is?

Asked by: Aditya on Aug 19, 2017.

Meaning of EXODUS

What is the meaning of ''EXODUS''?

Asked by: Subhasish Ghosh on Aug 1, 2017.

Fill the Blanks _a_e_n and find the Six Letter Word

_a_e_n it is a six letter word in English. Clue girls like it, boys use it.

Asked by: Divya on Jul 12, 2017.

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