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Change the Voice of the Given Sentence : The captain was unmoved

The captain was unmoved (change the voice).

Asked by: Keya on Jan 18, 2021.EDIT

Write the Passive Form of He died of COVID 19

The passive form of "He died of COVID 19".

Asked by: Sex Lover on Jan 6, 2021.

Find the Code of the Word WATCH

In a certain code language, TITAN is written as 48797, then how is WATCH written in same code language?

1) 67841
2) 16784
3) 35896
4) 16759
5) 16484

Asked by: Mahesh Mhatre on Dec 10, 2020.EDIT

Change the Voice of the Sentence: Mangoes are eaten every day

Mangoes are eaten every day. Change it into active voice.

Asked by: Hillmi on Oct 29, 2020.

Verbal Reasoning : Check the Error Part in the Given Question

Damage stock need to replace otherwise make it ready for sale, the dead stock in our warehouse long ago. Is this sentence correct?

Asked by: Jamuna on Jul 28, 2020.

Verbal Reasoning : Find the subject, verb and object of the Given Sentence

What is the subject, verb and object of the following sentence?

The jury has found the accused innocent of all charges.

Asked by: Khushi Patel on Jul 23, 2020.  Answers (1)

Change the Voice of the Sentence : RAMESH Eat a Mango

RAMESH eat a mango. Change in the active voice.

Asked by: Junaid on Feb 12, 2020.

Find the Error in the Sentence : Verena buys less fruits in the winter.

Verena buys less fruits in the winter.

What is the error?

Asked by: Quenisha Sims on Nov 18, 2019.

Fill the Blank of the Sentence : I have not seen her _____10 o'clock.

I have not seen her _____10 o'clock.

Asked by: Md. Swapan Uddin on Sep 30, 2019.  Answers (6)

Verbal Reasoning Arrange the Given words in the Correct Order

Arrange it in the correct order. (money/merchant/the/as/his/well/got/as/wet )

Asked by: Rahul Maurya on Sep 29, 2019.  Answers (2)

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