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Limit of Foreign Direct Investment

The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Indian Insurance Industry is allowed up to?

Asked by: Namdev Chate on Dec 11, 2018.

Choose the Option Which is not a Benefit of Online Insurance Sales

Which of the following is not a benefit of online insurance sales?

1. The cost is lower
2. No percentage to be passed to intermediaries
3. Benefit of low cost are passed on to Agents
4. Benefit of low cost are passed on to Customers

Asked by: Surjeet Rao on Oct 29, 2018.

Concept of Insurance Involves a Transfer

The concept of insurance involves a transfer of;
a) liability
b) needs
c) ownership
d) risk

Asked by: Surjeet Rao on Oct 29, 2018.EDIT

Choose the Process for Depositing Some Amount as Guaranty at the Tender

While submitting a tender the contractor is required to deposit some amount as guaranty at the tender, known as;

a) Bank security
b) Earnest money
c) Security deposit
d) Caution money

Asked by: Chandra Dev on Oct 12, 2018.

Choose the Option Which is the Main Section of the Insurance Market

Rakesh recently bought a health insurance policy and a personal accident policy. What main section(s) of the insurance market do these products normally fall into?

A. Life insurance in both cases.
B. Life insurance for health and non-life insurance for personal accident.
C. Non-life insurance in both cases.
D. Non-life insurance for health and life insurance for personal accident.

Asked by: Gaurav Kumar on Oct 10, 2018.EDIT

Guidelines to Start a Spare Part Business

Hi, I want to know that how to start a spare part business. Please tell me.

Asked by: Rashmi Ranjan Tripathy on Aug 13, 2018.EDIT

Meaning of an Insurance

What is meant by an insurance?

Asked by: Bidya on Jun 4, 2018.  Answers (1)

Choose the Insurance Plan to Protect the Family

Amit is looking for term insurance plan for protection of his family he is advised to approach for

a) Property Insurance
b) Life Insurance
c) Health Insurance
d) Liabilty Insurance

Asked by: Vivek Paul on May 26, 2018.

Tax Which Used the Rule of three

According to J.B say "rule of three" apply with which tax?

1) Progressive Tax
2) Proportional Tax
3) Regressive Tax
4) Degressive Tax.

Asked by: Sahil on May 21, 2018.

Property of Microinsurance

Microinsurance is transacted by __________.

Asked by: Srikanth on Apr 20, 2018.

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