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Maximum Stake Percentage of Foreign Partner in Insurance Company

Under current regulations, what is the maximum stake that the Foreign Partner in Insurance Company holds?

Asked by: Ramesh on Mar 27, 2020.EDIT

Process of Analysing the Rate

In an analysis of rates which is/are included from the following?

(A) Cost of quantities of materials
(B) Cost of labour and other miscellaneous expenditures
(C) Contractor's profit
(D) All of these

Asked by: Akash on Dec 19, 2019.EDIT

The basis for Preparing the Schedule of Rates

The schedule of rates is prepared based on:
(A) Analysis of rates
(B) Experience
(C) General abstract of cost
(D) Building cost index

Asked by: Akash on Dec 19, 2019.EDIT

Estimating the Cost of Building

Approximate cost of building commonly estimated by:

(A) Service unit method
(B) Comparison of costs at relative dates
(C) Rough grouped quantities or element bill method
(D) All of these methods

Asked by: Akash on Dec 19, 2019.EDIT

CSC RAP Insurance Model Question

_______ means before loss what was his financial status and for the same financial status to bring him is called?

a) A indemnity
b) Material information
c) Utmost good faith
d) None of the above

Asked by: Jitendra Jangir on Dec 7, 2019.

Facility to Cover the Risk in Insurance

What facility do insurers use to cover risks beyond their exposure limits?

Asked by: Vasanth on Dec 7, 2019.

About Microinsurance

Micro insurance is made specifically for people from

Asked by: Deep on Nov 23, 2019.EDIT

Question on Life Insurance

Bancassurance, as envisaged in India, means;
a) Designing and marketing of insurance products by commercial banks.
b) Guaranteeing the benefits of insurance products of insurance companies by Banks.
c) Banks acting as corporate agents of insurance Companies to cross-sell insurance products to their own customers.
d) Offering free insurance cover for its customers.

Asked by: Sanju on Oct 29, 2019.EDIT

Role of the Underwriter in Insurance

The main role of an underwriter in a non-life insurance company is normally to

A. Assess the acceptability of particular risks.
B. Certify a loss when claims are submitted.
C. Design the structure of the products to be offered.
D. Negotiate with the industry regulator.

Asked by: Ramansh Patel on Oct 26, 2019.EDIT

Process of Insurance Sales

Currently, the major percentage of insurance sales in India takes place through;

Asked by: Shoriful Islam on Oct 25, 2019.EDIT

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