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Computer in Microwave

Which computer is in the microwave like PDA or anyone else?

Asked by: Vidushi on Oct 1, 2018.EDIT

Operating System to Monitor the Area of Accountability

What operating systems (operation incharge) use to monitor and maintain control of your area of accountability?

Asked by: Jamal on Sep 21, 2018.

Backup Storage Accessing the Rando Data

A backup storage in which any random data can be accessed without reading all existing data is called?

Asked by: Jagannath Sahoo on Aug 24, 2018.EDIT

Types of Server-side Validation

What are the three types of server-side validation?

Asked by: Bhanu Priya on Jul 25, 2018.

Terminal Which is Connected to Complex Inventory and Sales Computer Systems

____________ terminals are often connected to complex inventory and sales computer systems.

A. Data
B. Point-of-sale (POS)
C. Sales
D. Query

Asked by: Priya on Jun 12, 2018.  Answers (1)

Disk Track which can be Accused without Repositioning the R/W Heads

The tracks on a disk which can be accused without repositioning the R/W heads is;

(A) Surface
(B) Cluster
(C) Cylinde
(D) All of the above

Asked by: Priya on Jun 12, 2018.

Network Where the Twisted Pair Wire is Used

Twisted pair wire is commonly used in which of the following?

(a) Telephone networks
(b) Cable TV networks
(c) Computer networks
(d) Both (a) & (b)

Asked by: Priya on May 5, 2018.  Answers (1)

First Android Operating System

Which of the following was the first Android Operating System?
(a) Cupcake
(b) Alpha
(c) Gingerbread
(d) Doughnut
(e) Oreo

Asked by: Priya on May 5, 2018.  Answers (1)

Operation Which Erases the Primary Storage Device Before Installation

What operation erases the primary storage device before installing the OS?

Asked by: Priya on Apr 26, 2018.

Choose the Name of the Component Which Stores Data in Flash Memory

Which component stores data in flash memory?


Asked by: Priya on Apr 26, 2018.

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