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Name of the Bollywood Actor Who is Not a Part of Advertisement

Which Bollywood actor do no work in the advertisement?

Asked by: Sk Mojahid Rabani on Oct 28, 2017.

Actor Who was Renowned for Impersonating Female Character in Films

Which of the following actor was renowned for impersonating female character in films?

(a) Kalamandalam Gopi
(b) Afsal Khan
(c) Bal Gandharva
(d) Prithviraj Kapoor

Asked by: Krishan on Mar 15, 2017.  Answers (2)

Secret of VIRAT KOHLI's Success

Why VIRAT KOHLI hit so many 100 in every formats?

Asked by: Akhil Gupta on Feb 21, 2017.

Kapil Dev Participation in the Word Cup

How many times did Kapil dev play in the world cup?

Asked by: Lakshmi on Jan 6, 2017.  Answers (1)

Recent Death of Malayalam Actor in 2016

In India, who was the famous Malayalam actor passed away recently?

Asked by: Saravanan on Dec 23, 2016.  Answers (1)

She was Standing Under a Tree and Suddenly its Stem Caught her Attention

She was standing under a tree and suddenly its stem caught her attention.

The given sentence is related which person in India?

Asked by: Yogesh P on Dec 22, 2016.  Answers (1)

Sachin Adopts Village Under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna

What is the name of the village adopted by Shri Sachin Tendulkar under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna?

Asked by: Darmarao on Dec 18, 2016.  Answers (1)

Profession of the Dipa Karmakar

Dipa Karmakar is associated with ______________.

Asked by: Amit Mishra on Dec 18, 2016.  Answers (1)

Richest Man in the World

Who is the richest man in the world?

Asked by: Ishu on Dec 18, 2016.  Answers (1)

Bruce Lee's First Job in His Career

What are the first steps in the Career of Bruce Lee?

Asked by: Jack Harrel on Dec 13, 2016.  Answers (1)

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