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AACTA Best TV Drama Series Award in 2012

Which TV Drama Series won the AACTA Awards in 2012 for Best TV Drama Series?

Asked by: Saranya on Oct 3, 2015.  Answers (1)

Annual Primetime Emmy Awards 2015

Which program is awarded as Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in 2015?

Asked by: Manjula on Oct 1, 2015.  Answers (1)

Highest Television Rating Hindi Serial

Which Hindi serial got the highest television rating point in India?

Asked by: Karthika on Sep 29, 2015.  Answers (1)

Winner of India's Got Talent Season 6

Who is the winner of India's Got Talent Season 6?

Asked by: Sathya on Jun 30, 2015.  Answers (1)

Indian PM Launches Exclusive Channel for Farmers

What is the name of the television channel for farmers in India?

Asked by: Sathya on May 31, 2015.  Answers (1)

Company Name of the Taxi in the American TV Show Taxi

An American TV series 'Taxi' focussed on which company?

Asked by: Saranya on May 9, 2015.  Answers (1)

Obama Likes Television Series

Which is the television series is favorite for President of the United States Barack Obama? And what is the reason for that?

Asked by: Saravanan on Apr 21, 2015.  Answers (1)

Advertisement Time of All Television Channels

What is the maximum advertisement time of all television channels?

Asked by: Manjula on Apr 9, 2015.  Answers (1)

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