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Organizational Knowledge for a competitive Skill

Which types of organizational knowledge are a source of competitive advantage?

Asked by: Mac Nell Shire on Apr 19, 2020.

Inspection of Fire Alarm System According to NFPA 72

Inspection of fire alarm system according to NFPA 72 will be
a. Yearly
b. Quarterly
c. Daily
d. Weekly

Asked by: Ammar on Nov 2, 2019.

Petitioner of National Herald Case

Who among the following is the petitioner in National Herald Case?

(A) Kapil Sibal
(B)Abhishek Manu Singhvi
(C) Subramanian Swamy
(D) Rahul Gandhi

Asked by: Tinku Singh on Oct 3, 2019.

Authority to Operate the Contingency Fund of the State

The Contingency Fund of the State is operated by;

(A) Prime Minister of India
(B) Chief Minister
(C) The President of India
(D) Governor of the State

Asked by: Priya on Sep 18, 2019.

Name of the Indian State Which had the First Woman Chief Minister

Which Indian state had the first woman Chief Minister?
A) Uttar Pradesh
B) Madhya Pradesh
C) Sikkim
D) Arunachal Pradesh

Asked by: Priya on Sep 18, 2019.

Country where the Ghaznavi surface-to-surface Ballistic Missile Test Fired

Ghaznavi surface-to-surface ballistic missile was test-fired by which nation?

(A) Israel
(B) Pakistan
(C) North Korea
(D) Iran
(E) France

Asked by: Priya on Sep 18, 2019.

State With One Member of the Lok Sabha

Which states have only one member of the Lok Sabha?

(A) Rajasthan
(B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Sikkim
(D) Uttar Pradesh

Asked by: Priya on Sep 18, 2019.

The First Person to Declare as Fugitive Economic Offender

Who becomes the first person to declare as fugitive economic offender under the new Fugitive Economic Offenders Act?

(a) Vijay Mallya
(b) Nirav Modi
(c) Lalit Modi
(d) Mehul Choksi

Asked by: Priya on Aug 8, 2019.

Country with the Highest Rate of Homeownership`

Which country has the highest rate of homeownership?

Asked by: Priya on May 30, 2019.

The code name for International Action under UN Authority

What is the code name given to the collective international action under UN authority to protect the Libyan people against Muammar Gaddafi's forces?

Asked by: Priya on May 30, 2019.

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