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Meaning of Butler

Who is a butler?

Asked by: Md Toifil Khalifa on Jun 18, 2016.  Answers (1)

Name of the Current Used for Home Appliances

What type of current is used for home appliances and which type of current is used for which applications?

Asked by: Dattatray Raut on Apr 13, 2016.  Answers (1)

Definition of Crop Association

What is crop association?

Asked by: Sona on Apr 7, 2016.  Answers (2)

Largest Cotton Growing State in India

Which is the largest cotton growing State in India?

Asked by: Saranya on Dec 23, 2015.  Answers (1)

Heat Source of Grilling

When grilling where does the heat source come?

Asked by: Priya on Nov 12, 2015.  Answers (1)

Maximum Temperature of Electric Burner Coil

What is the maximum temperature of Electric stove burner coil?

Asked by: Priya on Oct 18, 2015.  Answers (1)

Most Efficient Kitchen

The most efficient and step saving type of kitchen is?

Asked by: Sathya on Oct 18, 2015.  Answers (1)

Flower Belonged to the Queen of Tropics

Which flower is referred to as The Queen of Tropics?

Asked by: Priya on Sep 30, 2015.  Answers (1)

Native of Hydrangea Tree

Where can see hydrangea tree?

Asked by: Karthika on Sep 24, 2015.  Answers (1)

Exotic Fragrant Flower in the World

Which flower having more exotic fragrances in the world?

Asked by: Saravanan on Mar 31, 2015.  Answers (1)

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