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Sample Interview Questions for Telephonic Interview

Hi, May I know the telephonic interview questions. Can anyone post it?

Asked by: P.Vijaya Bhargav on May 24, 2017.  Answers (2)

Telephone Conversation Between Boss and H.R Manager

Write a transcript of a telephone conversation between the Boss of an important organisation and his H.R Manager regarding the preparation of an Annual Review meeting of the staff.

Please tell me the solution.

Asked by: Aktar Hussain on Nov 14, 2016.

Steps to Crack Telephonic Interview And Mock Test

I went for an interview.

1st round, they told me to choose any topic and speak out for 5 min. I told about pollution in Hyderabad. I cracked first round.

Next round telling phone interview: I attend the interview, but not selected. So I have to well prepare for telephonic interview and also mock interview. So give some ideas and suggestions for crack those selection process.

Asked by: Shiva Shankar on Oct 23, 2016.

Tips to Narrate a Movie Efficiently in English in the Telephonic Interview

How to narrate a movie efficiently in English in the telephonic Interview?

Asked by: Gracy on Sep 24, 2016.  Answers (1)

Tips to Crack the Airport Interview Question

How can I give effective answers in the Airport interview?

Asked by: Anil on Aug 24, 2016.

Tips to Succeed on Telephonic Interview

How to succeed on telephonic interview?

Asked by: Bhobesh Medhi on Aug 17, 2016.  Answers (2)

Telephonic Interview of a Software Engineer

How to crack the Telephonic interview of a software engineer?

Asked by: Sabohi Zaidi on Feb 10, 2016.  Answers (2)

Process of Telephonic Interview

What purpose of Telephone interviews, handling by the companies? And list out the basic format of questions asked in Telephone interviews?

Asked by: Saravanan on Mar 31, 2015.  Answers (2)

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