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Topics for CTS test Pattern

Which topic should be prepared for CTS test after matriculation level?

Asked by: Hifza Haleem on Oct 25, 2018.  Answers (1)EDIT

Gamification in the Placement Process

Can you tell me Gamification in the placement process?

Asked by: Ranjan Yadav on Oct 22, 2018.EDIT

Selection Procedure of Britannia and Western Union

What is the necessity of joining? Describe the procedure of Britannia and Western union joints.

Asked by: Khan on Oct 11, 2018.

Procedure to Fill the Application Form of 2018 IBPS Clerk

How to fill the Application Form of 2018 IBPS Clerk?

Asked by: Rahul Sharma on Oct 6, 2018.EDIT

Suggestion for Getting a Good Job in India

I am 23 years old boy from India, I completed my graduation in 2016 and moved to Australia in June 2018 for MBA but after 2 months white people there harassed me a lot and during these 2 months I was also not able to settle me down in Sydney because of the expenses there. I was not also getting the job there and expenses were getting higher and higher. My family condition is very poor. My father is not able to bear my living expenses. I tried a lot for 1 month for getting the job but I was not done. I have been a vegetarian and the food problem was also so much there. I lost 12 kgs of weight there. So I decided to come to India and came here 3 days back. Now I am so messed up that what will I do now here in India?

Please suggest me something helpful for my future. After graduation, I also appeared for government exams and had cleared UPSC prelims and rbi assistant mains. Please help me. I feel like suiciding. I have no one to help me from my family or friends who can give me the right suggestions. Please help me I want to help my parents. At present condition they are not able to do any type of jobs still they are doing odd types of jobs to bear the expenses. Please help me with the right answers please it's my humble request. What can I do now?

Asked by: Kanan Shah on Sep 25, 2018.EDIT

Factors in the Job

What has NOT been identified as a factor why employees stay in their current job?

Asked by: Aweys Osman on Sep 23, 2018.

Tips for Getting Job in a Good Company

Sir can I get placed in good company as I have less than 60% in engineering from computer science?

Asked by: Hashim on Jul 25, 2018.

Role of a Civil Engineer in a Powergrid

What is the role of a civil engineer in a powergrid?

Asked by: Kong on Jul 20, 2018.EDIT

Suggestion to Change the Company

Hi, sir I have completed my in mechanical and now I'm working in supply chain management in future supply chain and I have been working here for last five months. Now I'm offered from a mechanical company and they are paying 1.5 more than my current salary.

So, please suggest me what I have to do?

Asked by: Venkatesh Pandey on Apr 12, 2018.EDIT

Role of Visual Analyst and Research Analyst

What is the role of Visual analyst and research analyst?

Asked by: Sivaramakrishna on Mar 26, 2018.

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