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Opportunities to Grow Career as a HR Manager

Is there any opportunities for me to grow in my career as a human resource manager?

Asked by: Hamidah on Mar 9, 2017.

Eligibility Criteria for Wipro Jobs

What is the criteria for getting a job in Wipro?

Asked by: Vrinda P.A on Feb 23, 2017.

Getting Job/ Confirmation Letter of Mindtree

I have a question related to Mindtree. I want to know that if you get placed in Mindtree by a campus drive then when are you supposed to get your joining date?

Asked by: Payal Sharma on Feb 18, 2017.

Suggestion to Prepare for Tech Mahendra

Hi, I am a mechanical engineering student. Will anyone suggest me to prepare Tech Mahendra?

I am not even known C language. and I have a fear while seeing high position persons with my low communication skill.

Asked by: Sivasankar.P on Feb 15, 2017.

IT Candidate Choosing the Software Testing

Why an IT candidate(software developer) should opt for software testing instead of development?

Asked by: Arunima Singh on Feb 9, 2017.

Career in TCS Company

Why would you join TCS?

Asked by: Aparna Chowdhury on Feb 9, 2017.

Preparation for Getting Job in Infosys

I wanted to work on Infosys. I think it's my aim. Now I am doing 3rd year engineering in computer science. How I prepare from today onwards? What should I do?

Asked by: Chintana on Feb 8, 2017.

How to Get A Job in MNC Companies

Hello, I am 2016 pass out student from electronics background. I applied my resume on Naukri, Shine and other sites also but I didn't get a call or openings in MNC companies. Even I try to get into some companies but they said we are closed now for 2016 pass out student. What can I do now to get placed in MNC companies Please help me, please?

Asked by: Pallavi on Feb 7, 2017.

Tips to Join the IT Companies

How to join the IT companies?

Asked by: Mohan Raj on Jan 31, 2017.

Role of Java Developer in Genpact

How it's going to be work as java developjer in Genpact? is it good for future or not?

Asked by: Lavanya on Jan 29, 2017.

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