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Find the Maximum Number of Identical Pieces of Cutting a Cube

What is the maximum number of identical pieces a cube can be cut into by 16 cuts?
a. 182
b. 162
c. 252
d. 122

Asked by: Saroja on May 26, 2020.EDIT

Function of Pancreatic Juice

What is the Function of pancreatic juice?

Asked by: Nikhil on May 16, 2020.EDIT

Find the Angle of Lights

A mixture of violet (410 nm) light and blue (470) light falls onto a grating that contains 800
lines/mm. For each light, find the angle that locates the second-order maximum?

Asked by: Canex on Mar 12, 2020.

Things to Know About Microscope

What is the first and foremost important thing you need to know before you can use the microscope?

Asked by: Emmanuel Ouou on Mar 7, 2020.

Precaution to Handle the Microscope

What are some of the precautions you need to consider when handling a microscope?

Asked by: Lorina Jeik on Feb 18, 2020.

Defining the Parts of Organism Using Microscope

How would you be able to distinguish parts of the organism using the microscope?

Asked by: Taakentemwanoku on Feb 17, 2020.

Prove s = t/(t + 1) is Irrational

Prove If 't' is Irrational, then s = t/(t + 1) is Irrational.

Asked by: Mercy on Feb 4, 2020.

Minerals Required for Cell Membrane Formation

Any 3 mineral elements that are required for Cell membrane formation.

Asked by: Britney on Jan 31, 2020.

Minerals for the Formation of Strong Bone and Teeth

Three mineral that are required for the formation of strong bone and teeth?

Asked by: Ashart on Jan 20, 2020.EDIT

Mineral Elements for Chlorophyll Formation

What are any three mineral elements that are required for chlorophyll formation?

Asked by: Ramato on Jan 15, 2020.EDIT

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