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Solution of 35% of (?) = 2175.95

Find the solution of 35% of (?) = 2175.95

Asked by: Pradeepta Smal on Jan 28, 2021.EDIT

Find the Value of Z + Z

If, ZN + XT = TZ.
And, ZV + ZR = ZJR.
Then, what is Z + Z = ?
(a) Z
(b) %
(c) ZX
(d) XZ

Asked by: Surender on Jan 14, 2021.EDIT

Find the Value of the Single Discount for the series of 15% and 18%

What is a single discount equivalent to a discount series of 15% and 18%?

Asked by: Jocel on Jan 13, 2021.EDIT

To find the Resultant Value of x^5 + 1/x^5

If x+1/x=-3 then x^5 + 1/x^5?

Asked by: Abcd on Dec 30, 2020.EDIT

Find the Value of x 44x + 55x = 121x

If 44x + 55x = 121x find the value of x.

Asked by: Ibigbami Ayoola on Nov 15, 2020.EDIT

Find the Difference Between the First and Third Number

The average of first and second of three numbers is 15 more than the average of the second and the third of these numbers what is the difference between the first and the third of these three numbers?

Asked by: Bikash Kumar Nahak on Nov 9, 2020.EDIT

Find the value of X in 44x + 55x = 121x.

Find the value of (x) if 44x + 55x = 121x.

Asked by: Olarewaju Ayomide on Oct 9, 2020.

Calculate the Dividend

In a division sum, the divisor is 7239, quotient 1308 and remainder 209. By how much should the dividend be increased so that when it is divided by the same divisor

a quotient 1311 and a remainder 730 is obtained?

Asked by: Ganesh Sethi on Sep 7, 2020.

Find the Two Numbers Whose Sum is 16

Find the two number whose sum is 64 and the difference is 16.

Asked by: Pratik Kale on Sep 2, 2020.

Find the Largest Number Leaves Remainders 4, 5, 6 and 7

Find the largest number with which when 18, 16, 51 and 56 are divided they leaves remainders 4, 5, 6 and 7 respectively.

Asked by: Komal Aware on Aug 27, 2020.

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