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Minerals for the Formation of Strong Bone and Teeth

Three mineral that are required for the formation of strong bone and teeth?

Asked by: Ashart on Jan 20, 2020.EDIT

Advantages of Germination

What is the Advantages of germination?

Asked by: Arushi on Dec 4, 2019.EDIT

Distinguish the Parts of an Organism with the Help of Microscope

How would you able to distinguish parts of an organism using a microscope?

Asked by: Timaleti on Feb 28, 2019.EDIT

Vectors for Yeast and Other Fungi

What is the Vectors for yeast and other fungi?

Asked by: Asif on Jan 10, 2019.EDIT

Description of Parthenocarpy

What is Parthenocarpy?

Asked by: Larry Joe on Nov 30, 2018.

Restoration of Tissue or Organ during Restitution

What is the restoration of tissue or organ during restitution?
1) blood cell count
2) the account of the tissue is identical to the deceased
3) tumor tissue count

Asked by: Santosh Kumar Jat on Nov 21, 2018.

Animals with 4 Stomachs

What animals have four stomachs?

Asked by: Kapur on Nov 19, 2018.EDIT

Details of Malaria

Explain in detail the term malaria.

Asked by: Jane Nashon on Oct 25, 2018.EDIT

Choose the Answer which Replaces Adenine in Gene Mutation

In gene mutation, adenine is replaced by a guanine. It is known as;

A) Substitution
B) Point mutation
C) Transition
D) Transversion

Asked by: Arjun Banchor on Oct 8, 2018.EDIT

Father of Bacteria

Who is the father of bacteria and who is the father of bacteriology?

Asked by: Roze on Jul 10, 2018.  Answers (1)

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