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Java Program to Print the Given Output

How to print the following in java?


Asked by: Vish on Sep 18, 2020.EDIT

Slenderness Ratio and its Effects on Euler Buckling Strength

Explain slenderness ratio and its effect on Euler buckling strength of long column.

Asked by: Arjun Dhanagar on Sep 15, 2020.EDIT

Program to Accept the Given string value

Write a program to accept a String and print it in the following manner.

input: Vidya Gajaram Prasad
output: V.G.Prasad
input: Yalamanchili Vijay
output: Y.Vijay

Asked by: Harshitha on Sep 4, 2020.

Write a C Program to find the Total Number of Minutes

C program that takes hours and minutes as input and calculate the total number of minutes.

Asked by: Karan on Aug 31, 2020.EDIT

Total Number of Elastic Constant for a Complete Isotropic Elastic Material

Total number of elastic constant for a complete isotropic elastic material which follows Hook's law?

Asked by: Kalpana on Aug 20, 2020.EDIT

Life Period of Steel Building

The life period of steel building is:

A) 20 Years
B) 30 Years
C) 40 Years
D) 50 years

Asked by: Sudammalik on Aug 9, 2020.

Execute the Given Code and determine the Output

Execute the code and determine the output for the following code.

int a=100,b=200;
int funct1(int c);
int count,c;
funct1(int x)
int c;

Asked by: Krishna Poudel on Aug 6, 2020.

Tortillas Moment of an RCC

Which one of the following sections of the equal cross-sectional area can resist the tortillas moment of an RCC be section more efficiently when working stress design is adopted?

a) A solid rectangular section
b) A box section

Asked by: Awomi on Jul 16, 2020.

Principle of Maximum Permissible Shear Stress

Maximum permissible shear stress given in IS:456-1978 is based on

a) diagonal tension failure
b) diagonal compression failure

Asked by: Awomi on Jul 16, 2020.EDIT

Diagonal Tension of Concrete

Diagonal tension in concrete can be resisted by providing:

a) Diagonal tension reinforcement
b) shear reinforcement

Asked by: Awomi on Jul 16, 2020.

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