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Operator used to get the Value Stored at an Address that is Pointed by a Pointer

Which operator is used to get the value stored at an address that is pointed by a pointer?

Asked by: Himanshu Rana on Feb 20, 2019.

Control Lines Required for 256:1 Multiplexer

How many control lines are required for 256:1 multiplexer?

Asked by: Akshay Daunde on Feb 13, 2019.EDIT

Find the Error Part of the Given Code

What's that error in the code?

Byte b=50;

Asked by: Neelima on Feb 8, 2019.EDIT

Purpose of the Piston Ring Gap in an Automobile

What is the purpose of the piston ring gap in an automobile?

Asked by: Govindu Omprakash on Feb 8, 2019.EDIT

Python Program to Generate 4, 16, 6, 36, 8, 64, 10, 100

Write a program to generate 4, 16, 6, 36, 8, 64, 10, 100 in python.

Asked by: Gatikrushna on Feb 7, 2019.EDIT

Elements Used to Create New Software Application

What are elements that must be designed for a new software application?

Asked by: Methusla Mathias on Feb 4, 2019.EDIT

Basic Action Involved in Sheep Foot Rolling

The basic action involved in sheep foot rolling is;

A. Kneading
B. Pressing
C. Tamping
D. Vibration

Asked by: Akash on Feb 1, 2019.  Answers (1)

Primary Characteristics of Centrifugal Pump

Normally, centrifugal pumps are primed, This is done to

Asked by: Mohamed on Jan 29, 2019.

Examples of Workshop Technology

Give the Examples of workshop technology.

Asked by: Abu Vandi Junior on Jan 27, 2019.

Best Algorithm in DAA

Which is the best algorithm in DAA? How to use it?

Asked by: Sathe Dipali on Jan 25, 2019.

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