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Find the Current Rate Between A and B at Parallel

A current of 20A flows through two ammeters A and B joined in series. The p.d. across A is 0.2V and that across B is 0.3V. Find how the same current will divide between A and B when they are joined in parallel.

Asked by: Noma on Apr 16, 2019.

Scanner in Java

What is a scanner in Java?

Asked by: Sanu on Apr 10, 2019.

Write a Program to Calculate the Student's Final Grade

Write a program that indicates a student's final grade and find out whether it is a pass or fail. The final grade is calculated as an average of 7 marks.

Asked by: Joe Joe on Apr 9, 2019.EDIT

Question on Civil Engineering: Did irrigation use to lift water by Graivty?

1. Did irrigation use to lift water by Graivty?
2. Does meandering depend upon?
3. The relation between G,s and e?
4. Irrigation use in Pakistan?
5. Watercourse Emerge from?
6. The purpose of side slope in embankment is to?

Asked by: Basit on Apr 5, 2019.

Name the Layer which Decides the Location of Synchronization Points

Which layer decides the location of synchronization points?

Asked by: Ajay on Mar 29, 2019.EDIT

Interface Between a Database Application and the Database of an Enterprise-class Database System

Why does a DBMS act as an interface between a database application and the database of an enterprise-class database system?

Asked by: Kesitasim on Mar 28, 2019.

Correct Package for Graphics Programming

Which package provides many methods for graphics programming?

Asked by: Navya on Mar 28, 2019.

The resistance of the Light Bulb

A light bulb draws 300mA when the voltage across it is 204v. The resistance of the light bulb is;

Asked by: Timothy on Mar 20, 2019.

Shielded arc Wielding

In shielded arc wielding
a) large electrode is used
b) welding rod coated with flexing v material is used
c) welding rod coated with slag is used
d) none of these

Asked by: Susanta Pal on Mar 19, 2019.

Way to Establish the Benchmark

What is used to establish a benchmark?

Asked by: Arci on Mar 18, 2019.EDIT

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