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Find the Number of Page Faults

If FIFO page replacement is used with four-page "frames and eight pages, how many page faults will occur with the reference string 0 1 72327103 if the four frames are initially empty?
Repeat this process for LRF

Asked by: Prantar Bhattacharjya on Dec 28, 2020.EDIT

Determine the Proportion of Fine Aggregate

If in a concrete mix the fineness modulus of coarse aggregate is 7.6, the fineness modulus of fine aggregate is 2.8 and the economical value of the fineness modulus of combined aggregate is 6.4, then the proportion of fine aggregate is?

Asked by: Luqman Ahmed on Dec 28, 2020.EDIT

Material to Draw Parallel lines

Parallel lines can be drawn with the help of;

A) Mini-drafter
B) T-square
C) Pair of set squares
D) All of these

Asked by: Jeswanth on Dec 27, 2020.EDIT

Find the Angle for the Current Lag

A series circuit having a resistance of 10 ohm and an inductance of 20 mH is carrying a current given as 1 = 2 sin 500t A. Obtain the total voltage across the series circuit, and the angle by which the current lags the voltage.

Asked by: Vishal on Dec 17, 2020.

Torsional Reinforcement of Two-way Slabs

In two way slabs, torsional reinforcement is provided at?

Asked by: Hemanshu on Dec 14, 2020.EDIT

Find the Total Elongation of the Bar

A steel bar of 500mm length is under tensile stress of 100 N/mm2. If the modulus of elasticity is 2x1011 N/m2, then the total elongation of the bar will be;

Asked by: Saurabh on Dec 10, 2020.EDIT

Find the Reduce Level of the Base of the Pillar

Reduce the level of the line of collimation is 50 m, staff reading at the base of Pillar is 1.5 m then find the reduce level of the base of the pillar.

Asked by: Rupesh Kumar Yadav on Nov 30, 2020.

Structure of MOSFET

MOSEFT is ______ devuse

Asked by: Abhi on Nov 26, 2020.

Find the Number of Subnets

Given the IP address of with a mask of How many total subnets could be created? (Assume all subnets use the same subnet mask)

Asked by: Rusty on Nov 19, 2020.EDIT

Find the Class of IP Address

What address Class does belong to?

Asked by: Rusty on Nov 19, 2020.EDIT

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