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Reason for Carrying the Compacting Factor Test

Why do we carry out the compacting factor test?

Asked by: Ayuba on Jan 26, 2021.EDIT

Determine the Proportion of Fine Aggregate

If in a concrete mix the fineness modulus of coarse aggregate is 7.6, the fineness modulus of fine aggregate is 2.8 and the economical value of the fineness modulus of combined aggregate is 6.4, then the proportion of fine aggregate is?

Asked by: Luqman Ahmed on Dec 28, 2020.EDIT

Material to Draw Parallel lines

Parallel lines can be drawn with the help of;

A) Mini-drafter
B) T-square
C) Pair of set squares
D) All of these

Asked by: Jeswanth on Dec 27, 2020.EDIT

Torsional Reinforcement of Two-way Slabs

In two way slabs, torsional reinforcement is provided at?

Asked by: Hemanshu on Dec 14, 2020.EDIT

Find the Total Elongation of the Bar

A steel bar of 500mm length is under tensile stress of 100 N/mm2. If the modulus of elasticity is 2x1011 N/m2, then the total elongation of the bar will be;

Asked by: Saurabh on Dec 10, 2020.EDIT

Find the Reduce Level of the Base of the Pillar

Reduce the level of the line of collimation is 50 m, staff reading at the base of Pillar is 1.5 m then find the reduce level of the base of the pillar.

Asked by: Rupesh Kumar Yadav on Nov 30, 2020.

Calculate the Strains of a Cube

Calculate the strains induced in a cube of 400mm side in x,y & z direction if it is subjected to the stress of 300 N/mm2 ( tensile) in Yorkshire direction & 200N/mm2 (compression) in Zurich direction.

Asked by: Justus on Oct 25, 2020.

Detention Period in a Septic Tank

The detention period in a septic tank is assumed;

a) 20 minutes b) 25 minutes c) 30 minutes d) 40 minutes.

Asked by: Prashantgire on Sep 29, 2020.

Slenderness Ratio and its Effects on Euler Buckling Strength

Explain slenderness ratio and its effect on Euler buckling strength of long column.

Asked by: Arjun Dhanagar on Sep 15, 2020.

Life Period of Steel Building

The life period of steel building is:

A) 20 Years
B) 30 Years
C) 40 Years
D) 50 years

Asked by: Sudammalik on Aug 9, 2020.  Answers (1)

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