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Choose the Answer: Information Retrieval

Information retrieval is faster from?

A) Floppy disk
B) Magnetic tape
C) Hard disc
D) All of these.

Asked by: Mahmud Ullah on Sep 27, 2020.

Subnet to the Given Address

A newly formed company in Kenya has obtained a subnetted public IP address from Kenya Domain Registrar (KENIC). The company has three branches with (20), (12 users) and (5 users) respectively. Showing your work, subnet to address the given scenario.

Asked by: Wanjiru on Sep 25, 2020.

Define a Class named ADMISSION in C++

Define a class named ADMISSION in C++ with the following description:

Private members: AD_NO integer (Ranges 10 - 2000) NAME Array of characters (String) CLASS Character FEES Float Public Members: Function Read_Data ( ) to read an object of ADMISSION type, Function Display() to display the details of an object, Function Draw-Nos ( ) to choose 2 students randomly. And display the details. Use the random function to generate admission numbers to match with AD_NO.

Asked by: Indu on Sep 23, 2020.

Java Program to Print the Given Output

How to print the following in java?


Asked by: Vish on Sep 18, 2020.

Write a Structure Specification

Q1: Write a structure specification that includes three variables"all of type int" called stid, age, and mark. Call this structure student.

Q2: Declare a variable student list from StudentRecord. Hence, Enter name, homework marks, test marks, and ave into the variable.

Asked by: Rawan on Sep 15, 2020.

Program to Accept the Given string value

Write a program to accept a String and print it in the following manner.

input: Vidya Gajaram Prasad
output: V.G.Prasad
input: Yalamanchili Vijay
output: Y.Vijay

Asked by: Harshitha on Sep 4, 2020.

Write a C Program to find the Total Number of Minutes

C program that takes hours and minutes as input and calculate the total number of minutes.

Asked by: Karan on Aug 31, 2020.

Execute the Given Code and determine the Output

Execute the code and determine the output for the following code.

int a=100,b=200;
int funct1(int c);
int count,c;
funct1(int x)
int c;

Asked by: Krishna Poudel on Aug 6, 2020.

Application of Layer Two Tunneling Protocol

L2TP supports either computer certificate or a pre-shared key as the authentication method for IPSec VPN.

Asked by: Natasha on Jul 15, 2020.

Java Program to Generate the Customer's Cell Phone Bill

Write a Java program that computes a customer's monthly cell phone bill given the number of minutes used. The program should take in two integer command-line arguments" one for the number of peak minutes used, and one for the number of weekends and night minutes used. Each customer pays TSh.5000/= a month, which includes 400 peak minutes and 750 weekend and night minutes. The price for going over the allotted time is TSh.150/= per minute for both peak and weekend/night calls.

Asked by: Christian on Jul 10, 2020.

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