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Choose the correct Option : Modulation is Primarily Accomplished

Modulation is primarily accomplished to:
A) Produce Side bands
B) Mix two waves of different frequencies
C) Improve transmission efficiency
D) Transmit audio frequency signal over long distance

Asked by: Subhash Dhiman on Jul 23, 2019.EDIT

Find the Current Rate Between A and B at Parallel

A current of 20A flows through two ammeters A and B joined in series. The p.d. across A is 0.2V and that across B is 0.3V. Find how the same current will divide between A and B when they are joined in parallel.

Asked by: Noma on Apr 16, 2019.

Memory Size of a Digital Storage Oscilloscope

What should be the memory size of a digital storage oscilloscope to be able to record a transient of 10 seconds with a time resolution of 200 microseconds?

A) 200K
B) 50K
C) 2M
D) None of the above

Asked by: Sajan Kumar P on Dec 19, 2018.EDIT

Represent the Given Expression in the Single Precision IEEE-32 Format

Represent the following in single precision IEEE-32 format for floating point representation.


Asked by: Dipanwita Padhi on Dec 17, 2018.EDIT

Connection of SMPS

what is the main wire of SMPS, and how it will be connected?

Asked by: Jwngsat Basumatary on Sep 25, 2018.EDIT

Determine the Temperatures When the Emissions is Same

For an emission of wavelength 5000 Angstrom, at what temperatures both spontaneous and stimulated emissions will be the same?

Asked by: Marrion Nahar on Sep 15, 2018.EDIT

Frequency of Rotor e.m.f

A 3-phase 440 V, 50 Hz induction motor has 4% slip. The frequency of rotor e.m.f. will be
(a) 200 Hz
(b) 50 Hz
(c) 2 Hz
(d) 0.2 Hz

Asked by: Preamkumar on Aug 1, 2018.EDIT

Calculate Kwh of a Tubelight

10 Tube Light each 60w 0.6 power factor used 4 Hours a day then How to calculate its kwh?

Asked by: Sandesha on Jun 3, 2018.

Typical Gate Trigger Voltage of a SCR

For a SCR typical gate trigger voltage is;

A) 0.2v
B) 6v
C) 60v
D) 600v

Asked by: Sajan Kumar P on Apr 10, 2018.EDIT

Maximum Conversion Time of 500kHz clock

For a 10bit digital ramp ADC using 500kHz clock the maximum conversion time is?

Asked by: Archana on Feb 16, 2018.

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