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Types of Workshop

What are the types of workshop?

Asked by: Uzoma Chisom on Feb 4, 2021.

Uses of Feeler Gauge

A feeler gauge is used to check ___________.

Asked by: Manik Sarkar on Oct 8, 2020.

Function of Gearbox

What is the function of the gear box?

Asked by: Sunder on Oct 6, 2020.

Total Number of Elastic Constant for a Complete Isotropic Elastic Material

Total number of elastic constant for a complete isotropic elastic material which follows Hook's law?

Asked by: Kalpana on Aug 20, 2020.

Point Angle of Chisel

The Point angle of Chisel depends upon ?

Asked by: Harish on May 22, 2020.

Electrode Wire in the Co2 Welding Process

What is the effect of too long a stick out of the electrode wire in the Co2 welding process

Asked by: Harish on May 19, 2020.

Calculate the Extra Widening for a 2 Lane Pavement

Calculate the extra widening for a 2 lane pavement of 7m on a horizontal curve of radius 250m, if the longest wheelbase of vehicle expected on the road is 7m and design speed is 70kmph.

Asked by: Amitava Basu on Dec 16, 2019.

Result of Thermal Overload

Thermal overload relay is provided in a starter to protect the motor against ______.

Asked by: Raku on Nov 27, 2019.

Steps to Calculate the Bending Length of Low Carbon Steel Pipe

How to calculate,
1 The bending length for a 90-degree bend on 25mm low carbon steel pipe.
2. The bending length for a 45-degree on 15mm LCS pipe.

Asked by: Mark on Sep 27, 2019.

Mechanism Used in the Construction of the Plunger-type Dial Test Indicator

Which mechanism is used in the construction of the plunger-type dial test indicator?

Asked by: Subash on Sep 17, 2019.

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