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Shielded arc Wielding

In shielded arc wielding
a) large electrode is used
b) welding rod coated with flexing v material is used
c) welding rod coated with slag is used
d) none of these

Asked by: Susanta Pal on Mar 19, 2019.

Properties of Lathe Machine

Why the lathe machine is made of cast iron?

Asked by: Bishal on Mar 13, 2019.

Purpose of the Piston Ring Gap in an Automobile

What is the purpose of the piston ring gap in an automobile?

Asked by: Govindu Omprakash on Feb 8, 2019.EDIT

Basic Action Involved in Sheep Foot Rolling

The basic action involved in sheep foot rolling is;

A. Kneading
B. Pressing
C. Tamping
D. Vibration

Asked by: Akash on Feb 1, 2019.  Answers (1)

Primary Characteristics of Centrifugal Pump

Normally, centrifugal pumps are primed, This is done to

Asked by: Mohamed on Jan 29, 2019.  Answers (1)

Examples of Workshop Technology

Give the Examples of workshop technology.

Asked by: Abu Vandi Junior on Jan 27, 2019.

Choose the One which adopted the Slowest Speed in the Lathe

The slowest speed in the lathe is adopted for the following operation.
a) thread cutting,
b) taper turning
c) knurling,
d) none of these

Asked by: Yapak Tayeng on Jan 15, 2019.  Answers (2)EDIT

Application of Workshop Technology

Application of workshop technology on energy environmental engineering.

Asked by: Talha on Jan 1, 2019.

Minimum Diameter of the Sewer Pipe

The minimum diameter of the sewer pipe is?

Asked by: Umar on Dec 27, 2018.  Answers (1)EDIT

Importance of workshop technology

Importance of workshop technology.

Asked by: Johnlaurent on Dec 16, 2018.EDIT

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