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Choose the One When the Reciprocal Ranging has Occurred

Reciprocal ranging is adopted when the following is encountered.
a. a river
b. a dense forest
c. a tall building
d. a hillock

Asked by: Pras on Sep 21, 2020.

Find the Value of N for the Mineral

A mineral collection contains twelve samples of Calomel, seven samples of Magnesite, and N samples of Siderite. Suppose that the smallest K such that choosing K samples from the collection guarantees that you have six samples of the same type of mineral is K = 15. What is N?

Asked by: Amar Choudary on Sep 19, 2020.EDIT

Grades of Drawing Pencil

Mention three grades of drawing pencil.

Asked by: Hilgath on Sep 16, 2020.EDIT

Railway Signalling System Equipped with the CBI System

How railway signalling system equipped with the CBI system?

Asked by: Abdul Karim on Sep 14, 2020.EDIT

Calculate the values of modulus of rigidity of the suspension wire

How to Calculate the values of modulus of rigidity of the suspension wire?

Asked by: Muqadas on Jul 24, 2020.EDIT

Determine The shape of the Plane

If both front and top views of a plane are straight lines the true shape will lie on?

Asked by: Vicky on Jul 10, 2020.

Determine the Type of Turbulent Flow of a Rough Vessel

To determine the type of turbulent flow in a rough vessel, you require?

Asked by: Ronald on Jun 16, 2020.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Incremental Development Process

What is the main idea behind an incremental development process?

Illustrate your answer using, as an example, a system with 15 functional requirements (leading to 15 user services) where requirements Fr1, Fr5 have the lowest priority (i.e. they are the least important), requirements Fr6,.,Fr10 are more important, and requirements Fr11,.,Fr15 are the most important to users. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of incremental development.

Asked by: Sinyangwe Hendrix on Jun 3, 2020.

Write a Cathodic Half-Reaction

Write a cathodic half-reaction which occurs during the electrolysis of copper (II) tetraoxosulphate(vi) solution using the following electrode
(I) platinum electrode
(II) copper electrode
(III) copper cathode and carbon anode
(iv) carbon cathode and copper anode

Asked by: Sodiq Islamiat on Jun 1, 2020.

Range for Collecting the Weekly Premiums

Weekly premiums are generally collected for which type/range of plans?

Asked by: Amu on May 17, 2020.EDIT

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