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Introduction to poaching types, merits and demerit,

Give a brief note on Introduction to poaching types, merits and demerits

Asked by: Sadat Alidu on Sep 6, 2021.

Determine the Acceleration of the Field

if a body of mass 2kg is at a distance of 7200 km from the center of the earth, What would be the acceleration due to gravity be at the point in the earth field ?

Asked by: Sagir Hassan on Jul 4, 2021.

Uses of Thin Continuous Lines

What are the uses of thin continuous lines?

Asked by: Hope on Apr 21, 2021.

Find the Magnitude of Force

The resultant of two concurrent forces is 1500N and the angle between the force is 90. The resultant makes an angle of 36 with one of the force. Find the magnitude of force.

Asked by: Ahimana Fils on Dec 29, 2020.EDIT

Choose the One which is the Additional Process for the CO2 Agent

To support the ________of agents, it must be possible to either capture the state of an agent or to spawn an additional process that captures the state of the agent. (CO2).

A) Migration
B) Agility
C) Concurrency

Asked by: Nikhil on Dec 24, 2020.EDIT

Steps for hiding and freezing a field

Write the steps of hiding and freezing a field.

Asked by: Mohammed Adnan Islam on Dec 23, 2020.EDIT

Distance for a Critical section for Shear in Case of Fault Slabs.

Critical section for shear in case of fault slabs is at a distance of;

A. effective depth of slab from the periphery of column/drop panel
B. d/2 from the periphery of column/capital/ drop panel
C. at the drop panel of slab
D. at the periphery of column

Asked by: Vipul on Nov 26, 2020.

Details about Sloughing

Sloughing phenomena is observed in?

Asked by: Bikramjit Dey on Nov 22, 2020.  Answers (1)EDIT

Probability and Statistics: Law of large numbers

Law of large numbers is worked out by which of the following?

* Pooling of risk
* Maintaining insurable interest
* With utmost good faith
* Randomness

Asked by: Mohd Irshad on Nov 14, 2020.EDIT

Theory of Starch Gelatinization

Explain the Theory of starch gelatinization.

Asked by: Ezeh Nita on Nov 10, 2020.EDIT

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