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Determine the Maximum Normal Stress on a Plane

Assume that a soccer ball can be treated as a spherical pressure vessel. The diameter of the soccer ball is 22 cm. Its wall thickness is 2 mm and it has been inflated to a gauge pressure of 60 kilopascals. Determine the maximum normal stress on a plane perpendicular to the surface of the ball.

Asked by: Ramesh on Feb 9, 2020.

Difference Between Crossover and Rollover

What is the difference between crossover and rollover?

Asked by: Ndizeeye Joshua on Dec 19, 2019.

Measurement for the Estimation of Earthwork

In the estimation of earthwork, the measurements shall be taken separately for what lead and height?
(A) 30 m, 1.5 m
(B) 25 m, 2.0 m
(C) 20 m, 1.0 m
(D) 40 m, 3.0 m

Asked by: Akash on Dec 19, 2019.  Answers (1)EDIT

Cost varies at a Varying Rate in the Short Run

Why cost varies at a varying rate in the short run?

Asked by: Mitikuhailu on Dec 19, 2019.

Physics Behind the Given Experiment

A needle has been placed in each end of a broomstick, the tips of the needles resting on the edges of filled wine glasses. The experimenter strikes the broomstick a swift and sturdy blow with a stout rod. The broomstick breaks and falls to the floor but the wine glasses remain in place and no wine is spilled. What is the physics behind it?

Asked by: Mekail Khan on Dec 15, 2019.

Bore-sighted Rifle Shooting at Same Range

A rifle is bore-sighted with its barrel horizontal. show that, at the same range, it will shoot too high when shooting uphill or downhill.

Asked by: Mekail Khan on Dec 15, 2019.

Difference Between Tieset Matrix and Cutset Matrix

Difference between tie set matrix and cutset matrix?

Asked by: Saraswati on Dec 15, 2019.

Distance Between the Home Signal and Outer signal of a Railway System

In a railway system, why is 762m distance kept between the home signal and outer signal and why is 586m distance kept between the advance starter and outer signal? why it is not more or less?

Asked by: Abdul Karim on Dec 15, 2019.

Working Process of Railway Interlocking System

How railway interlocking system works & what is the advantage & disadvantage?

Asked by: Abdul Karim on Dec 15, 2019.

Rating Factor for Close Excess Current Protection Cable

What is the current rating factor for close excess current protection of cable?

Asked by: Pavan Moin on Dec 9, 2019.

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