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Calculate the Average for Mass, and Molar of a Gas

A gas mixture (N2 = 5%, H2 = 15%, NH3 = 76% and Ar = 4%) flows through a pipe with diameter 25.4mm, at 4.05 bar total. If the velocity of the respective components are 0.03 m/s, 0.035 m/s, 0.03 m/s and 0.02 m/s. Calculate the average for mass, and molar, their volume and also the velocity of the mixture?

Asked by: Gebregiorgis on May 6, 2019.EDIT

Determine the Flow Capacity

The free mean speed on a roadway is found to be 80 kmph. Under stopped condition, the average spacing between vehicles is 10 m. The capacity flow (per lane) will be;

Asked by: Santosh on Apr 30, 2019.  Answers (1)EDIT

Sigmund Freud Refers to Religion the Universal Neurosis of Mankind

Explain why Sigmund Freud refers to Religion "the universal neurosis of mankind".

Asked by: Chester Mudenda on Apr 30, 2019.EDIT

Choose the Correct Option Which is not an Indirect Marketing Channel

Which of the following is not an indirect marketing channel?
A) Individual agent
B) Bancassurance
C) Direct broker

Asked by: Dharmendra Patel on Apr 20, 2019.  Answers (1)

Justify the modification and Know how it will Work with R, I & J format

Single Cycle Data Path to Implement the CMP Instruction.

Modify the Single Cycle Data Path to implement CMP instruction. The instruction functionality is defined as;
Format: CMP OP1, OP2, OP3.

Function: compares the operand OP2 with OP3, if OP2 < OP3 then it will assign OP3 to OP1, else if OP2 >OP3 then, it will assign OP2 to OP1, for equality condition of OP2 and OP3, it will assign OP1 as maximum possible value the operand can hold. Use the necessary assumptions.

Justify the modification, how it will work along with R format, I format, J format and branch instructions. Solution without justification will not be marked.

Asked by: Narmeen on Apr 18, 2019.EDIT

Ways to Calculate the Effective Nuclear Charge

How to calculate the effective nuclear charge?

Asked by: Shaikh Umair on Apr 3, 2019.

Ratio of Depth to Width of the Strongest Beam

Prove that the ratio of depth to width of the strongest beam that can be cut from a circular log of wood having diameter d is 1.414.

Asked by: Mitesh on Mar 24, 2019.

Economical Method of Power Generation

What is the most recent economical method of power generation from boiler?

Asked by: Labannya Mondal on Mar 20, 2019.

Formula to Find the Angle that Locates the Second Order Maximum

The formula to find the angle that locates the second order maximum.

Asked by: Mthobisi on Mar 13, 2019.

Matrix Organizational Structure

Discuss on matrix organizational structure.

Asked by: Tumushimishe Yves on Mar 9, 2019.

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