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Practical Motors have a Large Number of Commutator Segments : Reason

Why do practical motors have a large number of commutator segments?

Asked by: Collen on Feb 19, 2019.EDIT

Answer True/False : When the pelvic fins are below the pectoral fins, they are termed as thoracic.

When the pelvic fins are below the pectoral fins, they are termed as thoracic.


Asked by: John Asamoah on Feb 15, 2019.

Activities of Caribbean Industries

Identify two industries in the Caribbean that were developed from each of the following activities:

(i) Agriculture
(ii) Mining

Asked by: Devonne on Feb 10, 2019.EDIT

Way to Find the Elevation of Different Points

To what accuracy we can find the elevation of different points?

Asked by: Vivek on Jan 30, 2019.

Choose the One Which Does not a Part of the Regular Function of I.R.D.A

Which of the following does not form part of the regular function of I.R.D.A?
a) Ensuring smooth running of the insurance sector.
b) Granting of licenses to insurance companies, agents, intermediaries and Loss adjusters/
c) Monitoring the solvency position of the insurance companies.
d) Fixing up the premium rates for the products of the insurers.

Asked by: Ajay on Jan 21, 2019.  Answers (1)

Choose the Correct Option Which is the Physical Characteristic of the World

Which of the following would be considered a physical characteristic of the world?

A. the Sahara, which is hot and dry
B. the Brooklyn Bridge
C. Mount Rushmore
D. a highway in Moscow, Russia

Asked by: Alex on Jan 15, 2019.EDIT

Energy Exchange that Occurs as a Clock Spring Unwind

Describe the energy exchange that occurs as a clock spring unwind.

Asked by: Mayor on Jan 4, 2019.

Difference between Differential Mode and Common Mode of the Operational Amplifier

What is the difference between differential mode and common mode of the operational amplifier?

Asked by: Triveni on Jan 3, 2019.

Choose the Name of the Junction

A junction so designed that traffic streams are divided to enable them to pass over or under each other is called.

A) subway
B) loop-road
C) flyover
D) bypass road

Asked by: Bam Bista on Dec 25, 2018.

Tips for the Option Trading

Explain the Tips for the option trading.

Asked by: Abhijeet Vidhate on Dec 18, 2018.EDIT

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