Name Which is Same as Girl, Dog, Place, Sweet

Name Which is Same as Girl, Dog, Place, Sweet

Medicine name which is Same as girl name, doggy name, place name, sweet name.

Asked by: Harshika on Jan 19, 2018.

1 Answer

Priya said: (Tue, May 8, 2018 03:02:49 PM IST)

The answer is honey...

1) sweet name -honey is a sweet which we get from honey bees.
2) medicine name -honey is a medicine .
3) film name - Hollywood film named Honey Starring Jessica Alba.
4) lady name - honey which is a girlish name.
5) city name - there is a city named HONEY GROOVE in US.
6) car name- honey car which is manufactured in Japan.
7) place name - Honey is a place in Australia.
8) doggy name - common name for dogs i.e. honey.

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